September 20, 2016


It was May 2015 when I tried this for the last time, a lot has happened in the mean time, I'm not sure I am going to be complete, I may miss some upcoming shows but I'm sure you will

let me know if and when you read this.


It's a lot of info I gathered, so I hope this isn't too much of a read. I created an index so you can skip which is not interesting for you.




  • Cancelled this year
  • Renewed
  • Upcoming new shows late 2016, beginning 2017
  • News about (possible) new shows beyond winter 2017
  • Blu-Ray releases


Cancelled this year:


Unfortunately "Agent Carter" has been cancelled by ABC on May 12, 2016 after the show saw steadily decreasing-to-low viewership and what's even more disappointing was that Netflix did not want to take over "Agent Carter". Syfy show "Hunters" was cancelled also after only one season of 13 episodes on July 8, 2016. CBS' "Person of Interest" was also cancelled after 5 seasons, the fifth season concluded the show with 13 episodes. "Minority Report", which aired on the FOX network, was cancelled on May 13, 2016. Initially 13 episodes were ordered, but FOX soon cut the order to 10 episodes. I believe that was it, so on that front, regarding sci-fi, it could be worse.



Most of the sci-fi shows (or shows with sci-fi elements) have been renewed for another season, this is particularly good news. The most recent renewals, September 1, 2016, are, for me, the most exciting ones! Both "Dark Matter" and "Killjoys" have been renewed for a third season. It was touch & go there because the ratings weren't stellar but luckily Syfy renewed them anyway, probably because they are Canadian produced shows, which makes them less costly for Syfy.


Others shows which have been renewed and will begin airing soon (Fall 2016/Winter 2017): "The Flash" (season 3); "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D" (season 4); "Legends of Tomorrow" (season 2); "The 100" (season 4); "Supergirl" (season 2); "12 Monkeys" (season 3); "Colony" (season 2); "The Expanse" (season 2), expected early 2017; "Humans" (season 2), expected late this year in the UK, early next year in the US. "Sense8" (season 2) expected around X-Mas, first episode is a X-Mas episode, early 2017 the rest of season 2.


Syfy's "12 Monkeys" was a bit of a surprise to me because the ratings are even worse than last years' "Helix", but I am glad because I like season 2 even more than it's first. "The Expanse" was renewed quite fast by Syfy, this show does cost a lot of money but luckily Syfy granted it  a second season even though the ratings weren't stellar here either. "Colony" is another favourite of mine, really glad it got renewed by USA cable network.

Then there are shows which have been renewed for another season which will have a chance to see beyond Winter 2017.


Of course the earlier mentioned "Dark Matter" & "Killjoys" (season 3), both probably will air in summer 2017; "Orphan Black" renewed for it's fifth and final season; "Wynonna Earp" (season 2) Haven't seen this yet, so no sure if it belongs here; "Jessica Jones" (season 2), has been renewed but according to wikipedia season 2 will not debut until 2018. Season 2 is filmed back to back with the new limited Netflix show "Defenders". This will air in 2017. "Daredevil" (season 3), not sure when this will be available on Netflix.


"The Last Ship" (seasons 4 & 5) TNT ordered two new seasons instead of just one! One is difficult for a TV show let alone two seasons! Season 4 will probably air in summer 2017; Then there is also some good news regarding a possible 11th season of "The X-Files". Will probably won't air before 2018 but there is a chance there will be a few more episodes this time, perhaps 8 or 10 or even 13 episodes. Last one I have is the fantastic new Netflix show "Stranger Things" which has been renewed for a slightly bigger season (9 instead of 8 episodes)

Upcoming New Shows late 2016, beginning 2017


First of all, I want to mention is HBO's "Westworld" which is finally going to premiere next month, October 2nd. I already wrote about this blog in May last year, expecting it to debut late 2015 of beginning of 2016, but now it's finally here. NBC is bringing a time travel show called "Timeless". This show will premiere October 3rd. The lead female character is played by Abigail Spencer.


Syfy is bringing 3 new shows in the final months of 2016. The first one is called "The Aftermath" (Premieres September 27) - The show is centred on the Copeland family, a couple with three almost-grown children, who struggle to survive as civilization comes to an end around them. The second one is "Incorporated" (Premieres November 30), The show centres around a young man who infiltrates a highly dangerous corporate firm in order to save the woman he loves. (not yet sure if it belongs here). The third one is called "Blood Drive" (No premiere date yet) - Set in a near-dystopian future, the series features a former cop, played by Alan Ritchson, who is forced to take part in a death race in which cars run on human blood as fuel.

Netflix brings "Luke Cage", will be available on September 30th, I think you will get the whole season (13 episodes) at once, like "Daredevil" and "Jessica Jones".


Netflix will also bring a Time Travel drama called "Travelers". The lead character will be played by Eric McCormack (Will & Grace & Perception). The show is a co-production between Netflix and the Canadian network Showcase. It first will premiere on Showcase in October and then shortly after it will be available on Netflix. The first season will contain 12 episodes.


Finally I want to mention one I'm really looking forward to myself, National Geographic comes with an event series called "Mars". Mars is a hybrid scripted/documentary which will premiere worldwide in November of this year. Created by Brian Grazer and Ron Howard!



News about (possible) new shows beyond winter 2017


The most important of course is the new Star Trek series which called Discovery! Initially the plan was that it would premiere January 2017 but last week CBS all access announced that Discovery is delayed till May 2017 so the creators get a little more time and don't need to rush. Of course on the one hand a bit disappointing but I'd rather have to wait a few more months so they can make it as good as possible.


Netflix announced "The Punisher" as also "Defenders". "Defenders" will premiere somewhere in 2017, no clue when "The Punisher" will premiere, presumably early 2018. Netflix also ordered a remake of the sixties TV Show "Lost in Space". Really looking forward to that, will premiere somewhere in 2018.


Last week Syfy announced that they ordered a pilot called "The Machine", of course derived from the movie. Syfy also announced a pilot for "Happy!". TV show pilot based on the Grant Morrison and Darick Robertson graphic novel of the same name. Syfy also ordered "Brave New World". Amazon ordered a pilot for a possible TV Show set in outer space! Show is called "Strange New Things" based on the book "The Book Of Strange New Things". Zachary Levi (Chuck) is developing a CIA/Sci-Fi Thriller "Unidentified" for NBC.

Blu-Ray releases:


Well here some updates about TV shows which have gotten, or are going to get, a blu-ray release. I will only mention the exceptional ones, not standard releases like "The Flash".


First one I want to mention of course is "The Complete Series of The X-Files", released in December last year. The 10th season has also been released few months ago.


"Warehouse 13 - The Complete Series" has also been released on Blu-ray in Germany, UK and the US and perhaps some more countries. The UK set is very affordable as is the German set. "Eureka - The Complete Series" already has been released in Germany on blu-ray in 2014.


"Colony - Season 1" - Did not get a US release, in fact, at this time it's only planned to be released on blu-ray in France. You can order it already but it's not yet released because it has not yet been broadcast there.


"Dark Matter - Season 1" - Only released on Blu-Ray in North America, and is also region A coded unfortunately. On the other hand "Killjoys - Season 1", has been released in multiple countries on Blu-Ray. "The Expanse - Season 1" - At this time only released on Blu in North America, however is region A en B compatible.


"Jessica Jones - Season 1" - Is getting a Blu-Ray release in Germany, according to the first season will be released there in December 8th, 2016.


"Daredevil - Season 1" - After a long wait this Netflix show finally gets a Blu-Ray release in multiple countries.


"SeaQuest DSV - Seasons 1 & 2" - Late last year the first season already was released in Australia and New Zeeland, season two was delayed there until November 2016. Now the first two seasons also get a release in Germany. Season 1 already has been released last month and season 2 will be released on October 27, 2016. Good news about the German release is that there is of course an English soundtrack but also English subtitles! Hopefully season 3 will be announced soon because I like that better than the second season.


"Humans - Season 1" - Released in Australia/New Zeeland and in North America. North-American release is region coded A unfortunately. *Update December 14th*, in February next year, Humans - Season 1, will also be released in Germany on Blu-Ray!


This is it, quite a lot info, I will try to keep this up but with less time in between so it won't be so much at once next time. Hope you find this information useful, till next time. If you have any questions or remarks, you can write it down below in the comments section. Remember, this is something I do because I like to help fans like me have all the information in one read, nothing more, nothing less. If you need more sources please let me know in comments below.

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