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May 28, 2012

Alphas - The Complete First Season DVD Release 


Release date [US] July 17, 2012

Release date [UK] September 24, 2012

Release date [FR] August 28, 2012

Release date [NL] Not yet announced

Release date [GER] Not yet announced


Alphas' new season is about to start in North America and the first season just has been announced for release on DVD! No world if it's going to be released on Blu-Ray but it seems not to be the case unfortunately. The UK release is the cheapest at the moment the North american release is the most expensive one, is of course also region 1.


This region 1 release will have English subtitles. Not much info yet on the UK release. The French release also has English subtitles and English soundtrack. UK and French release are, of course, region 2.

The US [Left] & UK [Right] cover art, which looks almost the same
The US [Left] & UK [Right] cover art, which looks almost the same

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