February 6, 2015


Andromeda - The Complete Collection [DVD]


Release date [UK] February 23, 2015


While browing in Amazon.co.uk I stumbled on this release, the complete series of Andromeda on DVD. No not on Blu-Ray, in 2013 the first two seasons were released on Blu-Ray but after that the releases stopped, still not word if this will continue in the near future.


Anyway, perhaps because of that, in two weeks the complete series will be released in DVD in the UK for an affordable price but it does not say if there are any subtitles on it, so don't count on it, is my suggestion.


No other info yet, except very little special features: Alternate Footage, Bloopers &
Deleted Scenes. If you do want Andromeda with (English) subtitles I can recommend the German release from 2012. You cannot find anywhere it has English subtitles other then in the reviews, if you look closely, but I can verify this because I have this this particular set. This (German) set indeed does have English subtitles, although the ENGLISH audio is very clear so it's not as necassary as it was in the past with the earlier releases. Of course, it's just a suggestion. For some pics of the German release, please check out a few posts below this one.

Andromeda Season 2

April 9, 2013


Andromeda - Season 2 [UK BD]


Release date [UK] October 14, 2013


Almost 2 months ago I suddenly discovered an interesting blu-ray release, of course I mean the first season of Andromeda, which is due on May 27th, release date has been pushed back a bit from May 6th. Now season 2 has already been announced! This interesting because it seems the studio is not waiting for the results of the sales of the first season! Strange because I would think they want to see some results first. Still very commendable.


No word yet about special features and the subtitles and if it's region free or not! I will keep you informed as soon as I have more info. Like the first season, the price is a bit high perhaps but to be honest, when tv shows were released on DVD back in the day, we even paid more! What's strange is that the cover seems nearly to be the same as the first season but perhaps this will be corrected later on. 


Update: The first reviews on Amazon.co.uk are not so positive. The PQ is not that good and also it (again) lacks any kind of subtitles. When do they ever learn!?

February 28, 2013


Andromeda - Season 1 Blu-ray Release 


Release date [UK] May 6, 2013


Totally unexpected but it's happening! Andromeda is getting a Blu-Ray release in the UK! At least the first season. The series ran from 2000 to 2005, 5 seasons and I have to say I don't know if Andromeda has been broadcast in HD but it's definately going to be in high definition unlike the Farscape series.


This is a really postive step for slightly older tv series getting a Blu-Ray release, so there is hope it will happen with more series. I would think future releases of season 2 to 5 will directly be related to the sales of the first season. All 22 episodes on 6 discs and apparently loads of special features but nothing specific about it yet! also no word if this is a region free release!


German Release Andromeda Pictures

Andromeda - Region 1, 2 & 4 DVD Releases

Andromeda - The Complete Series - German Release
Andromeda - The Complete Series - German Release

Andromeda ran for 5 seasons in the period of 2000 - 2005. In The Netherlands it took a long while before it was released on DVD but probably due to bad sales, only the first 2 seasons have been released on DVD. In other countries all seasons have been released but on most releases there aren't any subtitles! I still don't understand why this happens so often, okay, it is probably cheaper but it is also disrespectful to the deaf and hard of hearing people among us. In any case, took some time but I found a release which does have English subtitles! First let's see in which countries it has been released on DVD.


In North America the complete series has been released but the price is very high and almost certainly no subtitles on these releases. This is of course a region 1 release. You can buy the seasons also seperately.


In Australia you can also buy the seasons seperately but also in one boxset and it's much cheaper than the US release but also no subtitles! Unless someone can correct me in this assumption but it seems that there are no subs. This is region 4 release, can also be played in a region 2 DVD player.


In the UK you can purchase many variations of the seasons, part of the seasons but there is also a complete boxset, very expensive though and again, no subtitles. This concerns a region 2 release. 


In The Benelux only the first 2 seasons have been released on DVD, perhaps only even 1,5 season since the seasons were released in 2 parts. Those seasons are virtually gone. Subtitles only Dutch. Region 2.


In France all seasons have been releases also, no complete boxset, English and French soundtrack but also no subtitles! Getting tiresome. Region 2 release.


Finally Germany, just like in the UK, you can purchase all kinds of variations of the seasons, parts of full seasons but in March 2012 the complete series has been released on DVD, a simple package of 5 standard DVD cases in which you can find the seperate seasons. German and English soundtrack and yes, really, English subtitles! I contacted a buyer via amazon.de and he confirmed it, there are English subtitles on the Complete Series release. Seasons 3, 4 & 5 also have German subtitles as well as English subs. Again the German release is the best buy in my opinion! This is also a region 2 release.


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