Charlie Jade DVD release
The French DVD Release

July 2, 2012


Charlie Jade - Complete Season 1 Box Set DVD Release


Till few days ago this tv show was unknown to me and that is rare! I did some research, this show lasted 21 episodes, including a special episode. It's only for sale in a few countries as far as I can tell at the moment. It's released in the UK, first it was released in 2 parts but later on they also released a complete season box set, no subtitles though. It's a region 2 title.


Charlie Jade has also been released in France, also available in 2 parts and as a complete season. It does have an English soundtrack and as far as I can tell only French subs. Australia is the third country were this tv show has been released, according to this is a region free title! As far as I can tell, no subtitles unfortunately.

Charlie jade DVD
Australien, the UK and the French release

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