December 24, 2012


Cleopatra 2525 - DVD Release Regions 1 & 2


Cleopatra 2525, an unusual tv series, certainly not brilliant, not the best SFX but still I find it to be entertaining. It's a tv series which has been released in many countries but often only partially released. Only the first season, or supposedly the complete series but according to customers, there are some episodes missing. I can't say for sure but only the US release is the complete series, about some other releases there is no way to be sure or it's been released only partially.


North America: This is the best release as far as I can tell. It is one complete set with all 28 episodes on it. Of course the downside is that it is only for region 1 so you will need a regio free DVD player if you live outside of North America. There are English and Spanish subs on it. The discs are double sided, 3 discs which have episodes on both sides.


UK: In the UK only the first season has been released till now. Released in two volumes, first volume has 1 through episode 6 on it, volume two has episodes 7-13 on it. There are English subs on it. No word yet if the second season is ever going to be released.


Germany: There is a release in Germany which claims it is the complete series [The Whole Collection] but according to a customer a number of episodes are missing: Episodes 1, 2, 7, 8, 9, 15, 18 & 19. Why they left out these episodes is beyond me but be aware, if you purchase this release, you won't have the complete series. English soundtrack but no subtitles are on it.


France: The French release is supposedly also a complete series but according to a customer 8 episodes are missing. Seems to be the same amount episodes that are missing on the German release. As far as I can tell, NO English soundtrack, only French.


Italy: Little is known about this release, it is a 3 disc set, it supposedly also a complete series I think but with only 3 discs I fear it has the same problems as the French and German releases. It does however have an English soundtrack.


The Netherlands: Also released in The Netherlands but not at all clear if it concerns only season 1, part of the season or a complete series.


So all in all the only release worth purchasing is the North American release since it does have all the episodes, but those are double sided discs.

Left to Right: UK, German, French and the Italian release
Left to Right: UK, German, French and the Italian release

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  • #1

    sfseriesenfilms (Monday, 24 December 2012 11:33)

    If there is anyone who has some additional information about the various releases, please let me know so I can add [or change] this to the post

  • #2

    SCF (Tuesday, 14 April 2015 01:02)

    The US edition has a couple of problems:
    * The episode list for disk 1 side B is incorrect (tracks 15 & 16 not present)
    * Disc 3 is single-sided, not double sided.

  • #3

    SF Series And Movies (Tuesday, 14 April 2015 18:44)

    Thanks for the info SCF

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