Code Name : Eternity

Code Name: Eternity is a Canadian science fiction series that ran for 26 episodes starting in 1999. It was later shown on the Sci Fi Channel in the United States.


The plot involves an alien scientist (David Banning) who comes to Earth and assumes human form in order to perfect technology which will radically change Earth's environment to be suitable for habitation by his own species (Planetary engineering). Another of the aliens (Ethaniel), having discovered the true nature of Banning's plans, abandons him and joins up with a human scientist (Laura Keating) in an attempt to prevent the destruction of Earth and humanity.


The series was filmed in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It was cancelled after a single season and ended on a cliffhanger. Echo Bridge Home Entertainment announced Code Name: Eternity: The Complete series on DVD.



Cameron Bancroft

Ingrid Kavelaars
Andrew Gillies
Joseph Baldwin
Gordon Currie
Olivier Grunier

Code Name: Eternity - Theme

Code Name: Eternity

Season 1 Episode Guide [Complete Series]


1.     Ethaniel's Story

2.     The Mission

3.     The Hunter

4.     The Long Drop

5.     The Watery Grave

6.     Never Go Home

7.     Tawrens

8.     Making Love

9.     Death Trap

10.   The Bounty Hunter

11.   Thief

12.   Lose Your Dreams

13.   24 Hours

14.   Deep Down

15.   Fatal Error

16.   Sold Out For a Song

17.   All the News

18.   Laura's Story

19.   Project Midas

20.   Dark of Night

21.   Not a Bite to Eat

22.   The Box

23.   Underground

24.   Chameleon

25.   All Fall Down

26.   The Shift

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