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Season 2

For A Full Review and Screenshots: 2


Release date [US] March 25, 2014

Release date [Germany] TBA


Continuum, still strange, when looking at this season two release, like with the first season, you would think it's a Syfy production but in fact it's not, it's, as everybody knows, a Canadian production for the Showcase network. For whatever reason apparently it's more difficult to release this TV series in it's own native country, the first season was only released in December 2013 and was only available to buy online!


The same with season two, till now, only available in the US, probably later this year also available in Germany. Continuum really is becoming a sci-fi favourite around the world, because it's a good story, it has time travel, strong characters, an ongoing arc but also probably because there is so damned little sci-fi on the small screen today.


The first season was very entertaining, really liked it but I think season two is even better, it did surprise me while watching it the first time. The story evolves quite nicely, Rachel Nichols especially and also Erik Knudsen are really shining as character actors but also the supporting cast like Victor Webster and Stephen Lobo as Kellog do their parts admirably. At the moment this sci-fi variant, a crime series with elements of sci-fi seems to attract viewers and Continuum gets more and more noticed! I do not have any info about the season three ratings but I would be shocked if it not would be renewed for a 4th season. Only minor point is the SFX which is sometimes not convincing but the creators of course have to make due with their budget.


The second season release on Blu-Ray looks great, very sharp PQ, perhaps even better than season one, it offers a solid 1080p/AVC-encoded video presentation. Colors range from warm and capably saturated, with lifelike skintones and vivid primaries, to bleak and chilly, cast in the light of future-tech blues and gray Vancouver skies. All is as it should be, though, contrast is consistent and consistently satisfying, and the showrunners' intentions are intact. Detail is undeterred too, with clean, precise edge definition, reasonably refined textures, and commendable delineation. Moreover, artifacting, banding, aliasing and other bothersome issues are nowhere to be found, and only hints of ringing and crush creep in. The Sound Quality is okay, could be better but certainly isn't bad


Regarding the special features, well you won't be disappointed there! With season one it was rather meager but with season two you'll get your money's worth. Eleven audio commentaries and a behind the scenes featurette of 74 minutes! What's also a pity it that on the contrary of the first season, the season two release does not come with a slipcover!


So I definately recommend this Blu-Ray set, it's a shame Continuum is only being released on DVD in so many countries. Luckily it's a Universal release and that means it's a region free release, so you are able to play this set on your own Blu-Ray player. 


Extra Information:


  • Three-disc set (3 BDs)
  • Video codec: MPEG-4 AVC
  • Video resolution: 1080p
  • Aspect ratio: 1.78:1
  • Original aspect ratio: 1.78:1
  • English: DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1
  • Subtitles : English
  • Packaging: Standard keepcase (no slipcover)
  • Region Code: Free


Special Features:


  • Audio Commentaries: Eleven, count 'em, eleven cast and crew audio commentaries anchor Season Two's supplemental package, which represents a dramatic upgrade from the near-barebones complement of extras the Blu-ray release of Season One offered. Of course, the bulk of the tracks tend to be slightly hit or miss, with some standing out and others merely satisfying, but the bulk of the tracks will give fans of the show good reason to revisit the entire season. Better still, only two episodes go without. Commentaries include:


  • "Second Chances" with Rachel Nichols, creator Simon Barry and executive producer Pat Williams
  • "Split Second" with Victor Webster, stunt coordinator Kimani Ray Smith and VFX supervisor Adam Stern
  • "Second Skin" with co-EP Shelley Eriksen and executive story editor Jonathan Lloyd Walker
  • "Second Opinion" with actors Brian Markinson and Jennifer Spence
  • "Second Truths" with Eriksen and Walker
  • "Second Degree" with actors Erik Knudsen and Richard Harmon
  • "Second Listen" with actors Omari Newton and Luvia Petersen
  • "Seconds..." with Knudsen, Harmon and director Mike Rohl
  • "Second Guessed" with Newton and Petersen
  • "Second Last" with director Amanda Tapping and actor Magda Apanowicz
  • "Second Time" with Nichols, Williams and Barry


  • Behind the Scenes Featurettes (HD, 74 minutes): How do you follow eleven commentaries? With thirteen production featurettes, what else? Clocking in at well over an hour, Continuum gets more behind-the-scenes love than most television series releases. Few stones are left unturned, and everyone from creator Simon Barry to the average crew member pop up to discuss the show and its second season. Featurettes include:


  • Reloading: Season 2 Kickoff
  • Evolution of an Action Scene
  • What Do We Do About Travis...
  • Casting Continuum
  • Do You Think I'm Pretty?
  • Know Your Crew
  • Alec: Past & Present
  • Creating the Future
  • An Actor's Journey
  • The Bad Guys
  • Young Love
  • Gone Fishing
  • Continuum at FanExpo

Season 1

For A Full Review and Screenshots: 1


Release date [US/Canada] March 26, 2013

Release date [GER] September 6, 2013


Sci-fi series on tv are rare these days, sure it looks better for sci-fi in 2013 but not so much in 2011 and 2012. Then suddenly a time travel crime series was announced and even more surprising perhaps, a Canadian sci-fi series called Continuum with a lead actress who has done her share on tv (Criminal Minds, The Inside, Alias) and in movies (G.I. Joe The Rise of Cobra, Star Trek 2009), Rachel Nichols.


Continuum had 10 episodes for it's first season, this was a given and perhaps benefits the series way more because the creators know beforehand what time (episodes) they have. They set out  a story which can evolve throughout the season without the possibility of early cancellation.


Continuum became a sci-fi favourite very quickly, talk about the show on twitter and facebook about what's gonna happen next, what kind of havoc will Liber8 cause, will Kiera find her way back home, how involved is her husband in the escape of Liber8 to 2012. Of course it's not perfect, it has some flaws but it's honest good sci-fi, intriguing story and has interesting characters.


Continuum strikes a really nice balance between a stop-the-nefarious-scheme-of-the-week procedural with a heavily serialized arc, and especially that last past I like, being able to ask myself after each episode, what's next, how will this play out. You will see quite a few familiar faces coming by, Victor Webster (Mutant X, Castle) as Carlos who is Kiera's partner, Eric Knudsen (Jericho) as Alec Sadler, Tony Amendola (Stargate SG1) as Kagame, Roger R Cross (First Wave) as Travis Verta and of course Lexa Doig (Andromeda, Stargate SG1) as Sonya Valentine & William B Davies (The X-Files) as the future Alec Sadler.


Continuum looks great on Blu-Ray too, it is such a shame too many tv series don't get a Blu-Ray release these days, also Continuum, till now, only gets a North American release, not in Europe. Luckily it's a region free Blu-Ray release so we Europeans can enjoy this also on Blu-Ray. If you love sci-fi, if you love time travel, if you love a serialized arc tv series, don't hesitate and check this out, it's really worth it. What's more fantastic, it will be back for season 2, this time 13 episodes! It's a little light in the extra's department but still highy recommended!


Update: Continuum also has a blu-ray release in Europe now, in Germany! It also has an English soundtrack but unfortunately only German subtitles.


  • Two-disc set (2 BDs)
  • Video codec: MPEG-4 AVC
  • Video resolution: 1080p
  • Aspect ratio: 1.78:1
  • Original aspect ratio: 1.78:1
  • English: DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1
  • Subtitles : English
  • Packaging: Slipcover in original pressing
  • Region Code: Free


Special Features:


  • Meet the Makers, Protectors, and Terrorists (19 min.; SD): Creator Simon Barry is joined by actors Rachel Nichols, Victor Webster, Erik Knudsen, and Tony Amendola for a set of brief interviews. The four of them speak about Continuum's view of the future, its origins here in the present, casting, being part of such an action-heavy production, and delving into what sets this series apart from the rest of the pack. Feels a little promotional in nature but is worth a look.


Continuum comes packaged in a traditional width Blu-ray case and a glossy, slightly embossed slipcover. 

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