February 17, 2013


Defying Gravity - The Complete Series (BBC) [DVD]


Release date [UK] February 25, 2013


One of my favorites sci-fi series in the last few years! Defying Gravity, only lasted one season, 13 episodes. Some say it's boring, some say it's Grey's Anotomy (never seen any episode of it) in space but I loved it, it had great characters, compelling story, set on a space vessel, what does a sci-fi fan want more!? And although apparently there are many more people who think like myself, it got cancelled.


Defying Gravity was released in North America years ago and now finally it gets a European release! February 25th is it's release date, MediumRare is the studio who will release it so this probably means no subtitles whatsoever but other than that we are grateful it finally gets a European release. All 13 episodes on 4 discs.


Defying Gravity - The Complete First Season [Region 1 DVD Release]

April 2, 2012


Defying Gravity, on tv in 2009 about a group astronauts who fly around the solarsystem from planet to planet. What the crew does not know in the beginning is that they do not travel alone! TV Show was cancelled after 13 episodes, 8 episodes were actually broadcast.


Show has a very large and impressive cast like a.o. Ron Livingston, Laura Harris and Malik Yoba. Unfortunatly Defying Gravity has only been released in North America, region 1, has yet to be released for region 2. This release has the following subtitles : English, French, Spanish. 4-disc release.


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