The First Doctor - William Hartnell

The Second Doctor - Patrick Troughton

The Third Doctor - Jon Pertwee

The Fourth Doctor - Tom Baker

The Fifth Doctor - Peter Davison

The Sixth Doctor - Colin Baker

The Seventh Doctor - Sylvester McCoy

The Eighth Doctor - Paul McGann

Sarah Jane Smith - Elizabeth Sladen

Ian Chesterton - William Russell

Susan Foreman - Carole Ann Ford

Barbara Wright - Jacqueline Hill

Nyssa - Sarah Sutton

Vicki - Maureen O'Brien

Vislor Turlough - Mark Strickson

Melanie 'Mel' Bush - Bonnie Langford

Romana I - Mary Tamm

Perpugilliam 'Peri' Brown - Nicola Bryant

Liz Shaw - Caroline John

Leela - Louise Jameson

Josephine 'Jo' Grant - Katy Manning

Tegan Jovanka - Janet Fielding

Romana II - Lalla Ward

Ace - Sophie Aldred

Victoria Waterfield - Deborah Watling

The Master - Anthony Ainley

The Master - Roger Delgado

The Master - Geoffrey Beevers

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