March 18, 2012

Earth 2 - The Complete Series (6 DVDs) - Region 2!

Earth 2 Region 2 DVD
Earth 2 Region 2 DVD



Just by accident I found out the TV show Earth 2 has also been releases in Europe! In Germany you can purchase this on DVD. It's region 2, price is not that different from other TV shows and above 20 euro's it's free shipping to most European countries. It also has an English soundtrack as well as a German soundtrack of course and it also has English and German subtitles.


Update : It's about time but it is finally happening! Earth 2 is going to be released in the UK on DVD also. Release date is May 28th, 2012. All episodes will be present in a nice packaging, almost same coverart as the German release. Unfortunately no English subs! Series Series

Earth 2 - The Complete Series - Region 1 DVD Release

Earth 2 DVD Release
Earth 2 DVD Release



As far as I know never been released in Europe or other parts in the world but only released in North America on DVD in 2005. Release is only region 1, so if you live outside thr USA/Canada you will need a region free DVD player to play these discs.


All 22 episodes are on this release and has English en Spanish subtitles. The episodes are not in correct order on the discs, look on the Earth 2 page to see how you can watch this in the correct viewing order.



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