Earth: Final Conflict

EFC: DVD Release all seasons in North America & Australia

Season 5
Season 5

Earth: Final Confict ran from 1997 till may 2002, ran for 5 seasons, the quality of the show swayed from pretty good to mediocre at best. In The Netherlands, UK and probably most other European countries only EFC's first season has been released on DVD, in North America all seasons have been released on DVD so if you do have a region free player you are able to play the discs. Caution however, multiple reports on various sites say that the quality of the packaging is faulty, during shipping discs get loose from it's holder and damage is possible. Furthermore, there is no subtitles whatsoever, also no English HoH. Below you'll find some links were you can purchase the seasons and also some cover art of the Canadian releases.


Update : All seasons also have been released in Australia! This is a region 4 release and these DVD's are compatable with a region 2 DVD player. I do not have info about the subtitles though, it seems there aren't any on these releases but I'm not sure. See below where you can buy these Australian releases. All Seasons All Seasons All Seasons [Region 4]

Earth: Final Conflict - Australian Releases
Earth: Final Conflict - Australian Releases

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    sfseriesenfilms (Monday, 19 March 2012 23:02)

    Beware of the packaging of these releases, in a number of reviews on amazon, the packaging is faulty.

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