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Eleventh Hour is an American science-based drama television series, which is based on the 2006 British series of the same name. The series originally ran on CBS from October 9, 2008 to April 2, 2009 and aired on Thursdays at 10 pm (ET/PT). The series was a joint venture between Jerry Bruckheimer Television, Granada Television International and Warner Bros. Television.




Eleventh Hour follows Dr. Jacob Hood (Rufus Sewell), a brilliant biophysicist and Special Science Adviser for the FBI who is brought in to investigate crimes of a scientific nature that other agents may be unable to solve. Hood is the government's last line of defense, and it is his mission to keep scientific advances out of the hands of those with nefarious intentions. Special Agent Rachel Young (Marley Shelton), of the FBI's executive protection detail, is assigned to protect Hood. Both Dr. Hood and Special Agent Young are assisted by Special Agent Felix Lee (Omar Benson Miller), towards the end of the series.




The original ITV version ran for four 90-minute episodes. However, before the remade series had even premiered, CBS ordered 13 episodes for a one-hour time slot. The pilot episode was produced with a budget of four million dollars, and the remaining episodes were given approximately two million dollars each. Despite shooting "Agro" as a second possible pilot, CBS premiered the series with its original $4 million pilot, "Resurrection", instead.




Despite the absence of any supernatural or science fictional elements, some critics compared the series to The X-Files. Eleventh Hour debuted after CSI at 10:00 but at 11.6 million viewers retained only 50% of CSI's audience. The show came in second in its timeslot after the premiere of Life on Mars. However, where Life on Mars lost 27% of its audience in its second week, Eleventh Hour gained numbers and saw a further gain in its third week, leading CBS to increase its script order. On December 2, 2008, TV Guide reported that CBS has ordered five additional scripts bringing the series’ total number of first season episodes to 18.


The Biotechnology Industry Organization launched a blog, EleventhHourFacts.com, which features subject matter experts discussing the scientific reality of each episode through video interviews, live episode blogging and posts.


DVD Release:


Warner Brothers released the complete series on DVD in Region 1 on October 20, 2009 via their Warner Archive Collection. This is a Manufacture-on-Demand (MOD) release and is available through Warner's online store and Amazon.com.




The show was revealed to be canceled on May 19, 2009 due to its inability to hold the CSI audience lead in. Upon learning of Eleventh Hour's cancellation, a small core group of fans banded together to form the Eleventh Hour Resurrection Campaign. They were involved in an unsuccessful orchestrated effort to have the series picked up by another television network.


Not one episode went below the 10 million viewers, still CBS cancelled it after only one season, on any other station it definitely would get a second season.


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Eleventh Hour

Eleventh Hour [US] Episode Guide

Eleventh Hour Season 1
Season 1

Season 1 Episodes [Complete Series]


1.01 Resurrection

1.02 Cardiac

1.03 Agro

1.04 Savant

1.05 Containment

1.06 Frozen

1.07 Surge

1.08 Titans

1.09 Flesh

1.10 H2O

1.11 Miracle

1.12 Eternal

1.13 Pinocchio

1.14 Minamata

1.15 Electro

1.16 Subway

1.17 Olfactus

1.18 Medea

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