November 24, 2012


Eleventh Hour [US] - DVD Release [All regions!]



Release Date [North America] December 2009


Eleventh Hour US version is, as many know, a remake from the UK variant. It premiered in 2008 in the same year, in the same month as Fringe. The first season of Fringe and The Eleventh Hour's first and only season have a lot simalarities. Same kind of stories, perhaps a bit more science than science fiction. The ratings where good, not one episode went below the 10 million viewers mark, a sure thing for a second season on any station but CBS! They cancelled it, which was a real pity.


Till this day there hasn't been a regular DVD release of this first and only season, nowhere in the world as far as I know. However, a few years back it has been released in the US as "manufactured on demand" via So it's not an official release but you still can purchase it via Did it myself with this release and the packaging and discs are more than okay. No subtitles though but this release is an "All Regions" release, so it plays in any standard DVD player. Learn more about DVD "manufactured on Demand" here

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