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December 21, 2013


EUReKA - Seperate Seasons 1 - 5 [Blu-ray]


Release date [Germany] February 6, 2014


It was bound to happen, last November the complete series was released of Eureka in Germany in one box. A lot of complains regarding this box apparently, and because it was a limited release I decided to wait for the standard complete series box. Well that one has not yet been announced but the seperate seasons have been! All seasons are going to be released on the same day, February 6 next year.


While the complete series drops hard at the moment with it's price, the seperate seasons are very high priced unfortunately, more than 30 euro's per season while the complete series is 70 euro's at the moment, a bit silly if you ask me. It undoubtedly has the same specs as the complete series so now I guess we will have to wait till the price drops of the seperate seasons or wait for the standard complete series release. Anyway, thumbs up for Germany to be the first one who releases Eureka on Blu!


October 14, 2013


Eureka - Season 5 [Blu-ray]


Release date [FR] December 3, 2013


First I am surprised by the fact that Germany is going to release Eureka - The Complete Series on blu-ray next month, now I find out France is releasing the last season, season five on blu-ray. I was browsing on when I thought, let's see if Eureka also has a complete series release in France, well that wasn't the case but it was not all bad news!


Another pleasant surprise about this release is the fact, according to the French Amazon, that it also has an English soundtrack along side the French soundtrack and it also has English subtitles beside French subs! Of course I can only write here what I see on amazon, it is not yet a fact. I however also checked a French blu-ray site and this website gives us the same info so it probably is true. Good to know TV series more and more get a deserved blu-ray release.


Hopefully the complete series release will also be released here in France. With English subs it get's quite interesting! Furthermore region code A, B & C compatible, Although one warning, it seems to have the same format as the Caprica release: BD-50. That caused a lot of problems on region A players.

EUReKA - The Complete Series [Blu-ray]

September 12, 2013


EUReKA - The Complete Series [Blu-ray] in Germany


Release date [Germany] November 14, 2013


While browsing through the German Amazon, I accidently stumble upon this unexpected blu-ray release! The complete series of the popular Syfy TV series Eureka! All 5 seasons in one big box for one, very decent, price! 


This I did not see coming, not by a lot shot but on the other hand, more and more tv series are getting a blu-ray release in Germany, and rightly so! So perhaps it's not so much as a surprise that they (Germany) again beat the US with it's blu-ray release, like this also was the case for instance with Primeval: New World.


The set will consist of 22 discs with a maximum of 4 episodes per disc, a lot of times only 3 episodes on a disc. No word yet about the special features and if perhaps there are also English subtitles on it, like on the German DVD's of Eureka. Bravo Germany for releasing these series on Blu-Ray! As soon as I have more info you can read it here.


Update: Positive news, there indeed are English subtitles on it, it's confirmed by Amazon &

May 13, 2012

Eureka's Fifth and Final Season on DVD!

Eureka - season 5 DVD release

Release date [US] July 17, 2012


Eureka is "doin" it's final season on tv right now, the DVD release has been announced already. Because it's a 14 episodes season it is a complete season release instead of splitting it into two parts, like seasons 3 & 4 are released in North America and the UK. It will be released literally the day after it's season finale. It's a region 1 release and has English subtitles, for the hard of hearing.




  • A FOND FAREWELL: The cast and crew share their appreciation for the show and their fans.
  • ANATOMY OF AN EPISODE - "JACK OF ALL TRADES:" A behind-the-scenes look at the making of an episode.
  • ODE TO CARL THE JEEP: A tribute featuring all the ways Sheriff Carter's vehicle has been destroyed.
  • "JUST ANOTHER DAY:" Episode commentary with Co-creator/Executive Producer Jaime Paglia and Executive Producers Bruce Miller and Todd Sharp.
  • "THIS SONG IS ON THE HOUSE:" An original song from a "Eureka" fan with an introduction by show co-creator Jaime Paglia.

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April 22, 2012

Eureka Region 1 & 2 DVD Releases

Eureka - Season 2 - German DVD Release
Eureka - Season 2 - German DVD Release

Unfortunately Eureka hasn’t been released on Blu-Ray yet and no news if this is ever going to be released on Blu. It has been released on DVD, in North America and also in Europe. Regarding the North American releases, the first 2 seasons are complete seasons, do all have English subtitles. Seasons 3 & 4 are split in 2, so beware to purchase whole seasons you have to buy 2 sets for season 3 and also for season 4. Be aware, North America releases are region 1 releases.


Also in the UK there is a same strategy, seasons 1 & 2 are full seasons but seasons 3 & 4 also are split up like the North American releases. Also beware the UK releases do not have any subtitles whatsoever!


Luckily in other countries in Europe that’s not the case, in Germany and France for example, all seasons are complete season releases. The German and French releases have an English soundtrack but the French release does not seem to have English subtitles, only French. The German release however is most favorable, the season 1-3 releases have an English soundtrack, have English subs and are also full seasons at a bargain price! The European releases are region 2 releases.

Eureka - Seasons 1 & 3 - German DVD Releases
Eureka - Seasons 1 & 3 - German DVD Releases

April 19, 2012

Ferguson: "Eureka" Finale Is Amazing

Eureka Cast - Click on Poster to Enlarge
Eureka Cast - Click on Poster to Enlarge

With only thirteen episodes left in its runEureka is planning to pull out all the stops in its final season. “When you’re not coming back [for another season] you can hit things a little harder,” series star Colin Ferguson told critics at a recent press conference.  He added that the finale is “amazing” and full of some surprises for fans.


But one of the season’s biggest shocks won’t have to wait until the finale.

Co-star Neil Grayston says one of the biggest shocks will happen in Monday’s episode.

”One of the most shocking things that happen this season happens in the next episode,” Grayston said. “A lot of people are going to be mad.”


Producer Jamie Paglia added that he wrote the series finale in record time.

“We wrote it in record time,” added Paglia of the series finale. “We broke the story in two days and wrote it in three. And the thing I’m most proud of about this entire experience … was we were able to pull that off without it being horrendous and stressful.’”


And what can we expect in the final run of episodes?  Ferguson offers a hint. “As many times as he’s saved [the town of] Eureka, the truth of the series is Eureka ends up saving him,” he says.


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August 5, 2011

Short Season 6 for Eureka will it's last! *Update* Season 6 plans cancelled!


Eureka will end with a short 6th season. At the moment season 4 is being broadcast, season 5 is being filmed as we speak and after that there will be a short season 6 of 6 episodes.


Plans for season 6 have been cancelled! Eureka ends now at the end of season 5.




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