February 26, 2013


Flash Gordon (2007) DVD Release Region 1 (US)


Release date April 16, 2013


Apparently, what I did not know till know was that the black DVD set you see below, was in fact a Canadian release, not an official North American release. But now the 2007 Flash Gordon tv series finally is going to be released on DVD in the US.


It contains all 22 episodes in a standard DVD box and the price is very good! Only $14.98, of course even though it's a US release, It will also be released in Canada where the price is even lower, $10.49. So the expensive release, the black box, will probably never be sold again! No word yet if there are any subtitles on it.


Source: TVShowsOnDVD

Flash Gordon 2007
German Volume 1 Release 1.1

December 30, 2012


Flash Gordon (2007) DVD Releases Region 1 & 2 


Flash Gordon remake did not make it past it's first season, according to many, it wasn't that good either! I'm purchased it this week so I will have to find out if that is true or not. We all know the actor who plays the lead, he was a regular in the first few seasons of Smallville, Lana Lang's boyfriend Whitney (Eric Johnson). Gina Holden is playing another lead character. As I said earlier, only one season, because of poor ratings. This series has been released in a few countries: US, Canada, France, Germany and the UK. Don't think it has been released in Australia! 


North America: Very nice boxset, complete series, has English and French subtitles as well as English and French soundtrack but it insanely priced at the moment (amazon.com)! Of course it's also a region 1 release. I don't know if the alternate pilot version is also present on this release.


UK: Also released in the UK, but also insanely expensive (amazon.co.uk) for a DVD release of that age. It does not seem to have any subtitles, don't know that for sure though. It's a region 2 DVD release. It also contains as a special feature, the alternate pilot version.


Germany: In Germany this series has been released in two volumes (1.1 & 1.2). Price is very affordable (amazon.de) and it does have a German and also an English soundtrack. It does not have any subtitles though. And like the UK release, the German release also has the alternate pilot version as a special feature.


France: In France also released as a complete series, also very affordable at the moment on amazon.fr. It has a French and an English soundtrack, only French subtitles. I cannot confirm if this release also contains the alternate pilot version.

Flash Gordon 2007
From left to right Releases: North American; German Volume 1.2; UK & the French

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