February 22, 2013


Harsh Realm: The Complete Series [DVD]


Harsh Realm is a science fiction television series about humans trapped inside a virtual reality simulation. It was developed by Chris Carter, creator of The X-FilesMillennium, The Lone Gunmen. The Series lasted only 9 episodes, but is still worth to watch it at least once. It's been released in North America, France, UK and Australia.


North America: The releases seem to be quite the same, only difference seem to be in the languages and the subtitles. North American release has an English and a French soundtrack and has English and Spanish subs. Of course this is a region 1 DVD set.


UK: The UK set of course does also have an English soundtrack and has English and French subs. This is a region 2 DVD set.


France: The French release also has an English soundtrack, it's not clear if there is also a French soundtrack. There does not seem to any other subtitles than French subs. Of course this is also a region 2 DVD set.


Australia: This set does not appear to have any subtitles, but cannot say this for sure. This is a region 4 DVD set but as you may know, region 4 DVD's are compatible with region 2 DVD players and visa versa.

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