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March 6, 2014


High Moon - Although not Officially Confirmed at this time, Dead in Space!


Last year Syfy presented FIVE sci-fi projects which would have a setting in space, everybody thought Syfy was finally getting back to real Syfy. Well think again. Of those projects High Moon and Clandestine were the ones which seemed to have a real possibility. We haven't heard much about either series last few months but when you look on IMdB, Clandestine is not even listed but High Moon is now listed as a TV Movie while initially it was listed as a TV pilot. This a bad sign of course. Furher more, Jake Sandvig, who toplined last year's Syfy pilot High Moon, has now been cast for a different TV series. As I said I think Clandestine has been dead longer so it seems there won't be any real sci-fi in the forseable future on TV.


Not TV series set in space but last month the USA network decided not to go forward with the Horizon pilot and yesterday AMC announced it would not go forward with the sci-fi pilot Line of Sight. Really was looking forward to High Moon, Clandestine and Horizon but as a sci-fi fan you learn to cope with disappointment, although it gets harder and harder. It seems no network or cable station has the guts air a real sci-fi series.


Deadline & ImdB

August 23, 2013


Jonathan Tucker added to Syfy pilot High Moon, Charity Wakefield to guest star


One more has been added to the roster for the Syfy pilot High Moon, in the form of Jonathan Tucker (Parenthood) in a recurring role. Jonathan Tucker will portray Stanslav “Stan” Stavin, a handsome and outgoing miner for the Russians. But there is more than meets the eye when it comes to this man.


Originally from Boston, MA, Tucker is known for his roles in films The Texas Chainsaw MassacreHostageIn the Valley of Elah and The Ruins, as well as the NBC series The Black Donnellys. He also portrayed emerging artist Patrick Angus in the 2009 film An Englishman in New York opposite John Hurt.


Charity Wakefield (Mockingbird Lane) also signs on to the pilot for a guest starring role, portraying the smart and savvy Eve St. John-Smythe. Eve is British and has a rakish confidence that comes from being unfathomably rich. She is CEO of the world’s most profitable corporation and is responsible for opening up the moon by providing oxygen to the various countries there. This vision speaks to her fair-mindedness, but controlling who breathes and for what price is also a spigot the cunning businesswoman is happy to adjust to get what she wants. Her political posturing comes from her idealism, and ultimately what she wants is to make good on her family mission to make the moon accessible to everyone on earth.


Born in Sussex, England, Wakefield starred in the BBC1 productions ofRapunzel and Casualty 1907. She has extensive theater credits on the British stage including Constance in The Three Musketeers at the Bristol Old Vic, Elaine in The Graduate at the New Vic, and Susan in Baby with the Bathwater at the Old Red Lion Theatre. In 2008 she toured in a revival of W. Somerset Maugham’s The Circle at the Chichester Festival Theatre.


Source: Sci-Fi Storm

August 20, 2013


Two more signed for Syfy pilot High Moon


Actress Dana Davis (Franklin & BashHeroes) and actor Peter Macon (Ashes) have signed on as regulars for the Syfy pilot High Moon.  Davis will play Yama Winehart, a Moon environmentalist who was the first – and only – child born on the Moon. Due to pre-natal problems due to the artificial gravity, she can never leave the Moon. Macon will play General Gale Lynn Winehart, Yama’s father and a hard-nosed Army general.


Hopefully this actually gets produced. Blake's 7 has become quite uncertain now it's no longer gonna be broadcast on Syfy. Last year so-called new pilots Rewind & Starship Defender never saw the light of day. It's been also a long while since we've heard anything about Clandestine.


Source: Sci-Fi Storm

August 16, 2013


1st detailed casting news for Bryan Fuller's moon-set Syfy series


Want to know the first tantalizing details about Bryan Fuller’s new moon-set sci-fi series High MoonWhen he’s not creeping us out with the critical hit series Hannibal, Fuller (Pushing Daisies) has been piecing together a new Syfy project dubbed High Moon. Now he’s signed a few actors, and we finally know some details about a few characters. Picking up in a future where many countries have occupied the moon to mine its resources, things somehow go haywire when a new form of life is discovered. The series is loosely based on John Christopher's novel The Lotus Caves.


Chris Diamantopoulos (The Office) and Jake Sandvig (Easy A) are set to star in the 90-minute pilot that Fuller is working on to launch the series. The two will star as a federal investigator and a convict working out hard time, respectively.


Here are the full character descriptions, via The Hollywood Reporter:


Diamantopoulos will play Ian, a chief investigator for the American federal government who has been dispatched to the moon to figure out the cause of an explosion. He's stunned by what he discovers. The character is outwardly the strong and silent type but has a dizzying agenda that helps make him a closeted neurotic. The only person who can access that side of him is his brother, Marty (Sandvig), whose ability to get under his skin has led to a complex and antagonistic relationship.


Sandvig's Marty is a convict sentenced to serve time as a laborer on the moon. Passionate about his job, Marty is investigated for espionage and sabotage when a giant blast goes off near an area where he was working. The character finds something he knows is a game-changer and will go to the end of the moon to prove he's telling the truth about its existence.


After seeing these character breakdowns, the series is starting to make a lot more sense. The pitch is hard to get across in a few sentences, and these new details show there will be a boatload of storylines winding around that basic concept.


Source: Blastr

April 11, 2013


Syfy On Galaxy Quest With Bryan Fuller Pilot Order, Other Space Series In Development


Over the past yearSyfy has been quietly amassing a slate of space/alien drama projects with the goal of launching a new series in the genre that has felt a void after the end of Battlestar Galactica & Stargate Atlantis. The effort started in February 2012 with the decision to develop a series adaptation of the 2010 supernatural Sony movie Legion with the film’s director Scott Stewart.


The network went on to take in Georgeville TV’s adaptation of British classic Blake’s 7, Bryan Fuller’s High Noon and several other projects. Today,High Noon was ordered to pilot, with several other space projects remaining in development as we posted yesterday, in addition of course Syfy's Defiance is another example, the netword finally seems to be on the right track again.


Source: Deadline

August 3, 2012


Syfy Orders HIGH MOON Pilot, Based on John Christopher's The Lotus Caves


The last time we reported on Syfy’s adaptation of John Christopher’s “The Lotus Caves” book, we thought Syfy was looking at a movie, or mini-series. Turns out, they’re looking at turning it into an ongoing series, and have made the first move by ordering a pilot from producers Bryan Fuller and Robert Halmi Sr.


Jim Danger Gray, who worked with Fuller on the critically acclaimed but one-year wonder “Pushing Daisies”, will write the 90-minute pilot, which is expected to begin production in Vancouver this fall. Wow. That’s fast. Have they even cast this thing yet?

“High Moon” is set in the future and on the moon, where colonies have been established and now mine the rock for resources. The Christopher books follow two young boys who live in one of the colonies, who inadvertently stumble across an alien life form in the caves of the moon.


Source :

April 25, 2012


SyFy announces 28 projects : Some scripted SF shows!


The Adjustment Bureau - In this drama, based on the hit movie starring Matt Damon, guardian angel-type agents work to keep the world according to The Plan. They create everything from plane crashes to coffee spills in order to steer people to realize their true destiny. But there is one thing the operatives and their Chairman can't control—free will. Writers: Todd Slavkin & Darren Swimmer (Melrose Place, Smallville). Executive producers: George Nolfi (The Adjustment Bureau, The Bourne Ultimatum), MRC, Slavkin and Swimmer. A production of Universal Cable Productions.


High Moon - Based on the novel, The Lotus Caves, by John Christopher, this imaginative, out-of-this-world series explores a world where the countries of Earth have established colonies to mine the Moon's resources. When a new life form is discovered, chaos erupts as various factions race to uncover its powerful secrets. Executive producer: Bryan Fuller (Hannibal, Pushing Daisies). Co-executive producer: Jim Danger Gray (Pushing Daisies). Writers: Bryan Fuller and Jim Danger Gray. Executive producer: Granat Entertainment. A production of Universal Cable Productions.


Defender - In the aftermath of an intergalactic war between humans and transhumans, the starship Defender, populated by a combustible mix of former enemies, is sent on a seemingly simple goodwill mission, which turns into a fight for their lives and for the safety of the Universe at large. Executive producer/writer: Robert Hewitt Wolfe (Alphas, Star Trek DS9). A production of Universal Cable Productions.


Especially Defender is something we SF fans have been waiting for! Let's hope this will become the next Battlestar Galactica! Multiple seasons of real hard SF!


Of course will already learned about two other shows : Defiance & Rewind. Defiance seems to be starting in 2013!


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