CBS Cancels Intelligence

May 10, 2014


CBS Cancels Intelligence 


It was to be expected and it happened, Intelligence cancelled after one short season. It debuted with terrific numbers but the ratings dropped hard with the second episode. After that it stabalized but the numbers were too low. I had a tiny hope it would survive, it would be between The Mentalist and Intelligence, CBS chose The Mentalist. I like The Mentalist too but that one had 6 seasons under it's belt, I would have liked to see a second for Intelligence, pity that didn't happen, it had a great cast, shame to see them go. See post below:


After picking up five new drama series and two new comedy series yesterday — plus previously ordered straight-to-series Battle Creek — CBS proceeded with cancelling all of its freshman bubble shows.


That includes fall comedy The Crazy Ones, which marked the TV return of Robin Williams; drama Hostages, and midseason entries Friends With Better Lives, Bad Teacher and Intelligence. That means that the only freshman CBS series to make it to Season 2 are comedies The Millers and Mom. Meanwhile, the only returning series still on the bubble, veteran The Mentalist, has been renewed.


The demise of Intelligence and the long-forgotten Hostages was fully expected as neither made a mark in the Monday 10 PM time slot though there was some argument made about procedural Intelligence.


Source: Deadline

Ratings: Intelligence Spikes!

January 28, 2014


Ratings: Intelligence Spikes!


Intelligence debuted with huge numbers, it was right behind NCIS and scored 2.4 rating with a 16 million in total viewers. The second week was the first week it aired on it's Monday night time slot and it fell through the ice, very hard. A 50% drop. The third week it did not do much better unfortunately. Last night it suddenly spiked up to a rating of 2.4 and 6.8 million viewers, up 17 and 36 percent from its Monday time slot premiere.


Of course one of the reasons was because this Monday night was a lot quieter than normal but The Blacklist aired also, so it seems there is an audience for Intelligence. Curious to know if Intelligence can become stable with it's ratings, if not, this will be it's first and last season, CBS is ruthless in this respect. If you don't perform perfectly, you are out!


Source: TVLIne

CBS’ ‘Intelligence’ Faces TV Critics After Ratings Plunge

January 15, 2014


TCA: CBS’ ‘Intelligence’ Faces TV Critics After Ratings Plunge


The cast and exec producers of CBS’ new cyber-cop-procedural drama Intelligence got the most dangerous assignment at the TCA Winter TV Press Tour today: wax optimistic about your show to a couple hundred TV critics two days after it did a ratings bellyflop. “Did something happen in the ratings?” creator/EP Michael Seitzman answered brightly when hit with the inevitable ratings question.


CBS is pinning great hope on Intelligence’s ability to regain the ratings ground the network once enjoyed Mondays at 10 with CSI: Miami and, to a lesser degree, Hawaii Five-0. Earlier this season, CBS unintentionally pulled a prince-and-pauper with NBC in the hour, putting the new, NBC-esque, heavily-serialized thriller Hostages in the hour, while NBC slotted its homage to CBS procedurals, The Blacklist, in the hour. NBC won.


Two weeks ago Intelligence got off to a terrific start in its out-of-timeslot premiere, clocking nearly 17 million viewers nestled between the most-watched scripted series on television, NCIS, and Person Of Interest, to become the most watched new series premiere this season. In adults 18-49, it posted a respectable 2.4 rating. But, this week, moved to its regular Monday night at 10 slot, Intelligence took a nosebleedingly steep plunge from its premiere to pick up where Hostages left off with a 1.1 in the demo. Intelligence’s soft performance was even more disappointing in that it followed solid performances by CBS’ Monday comedy block, and opposite a so-so Blacklist that lacked a Voice lead-in.


“We’re having a party and not thinking too much about the party down the street,” Seitzman said this morning. “We’re all human and want to win. Yesterday morning we woke up, and the ratings were not what they had been. That sucked. But it was great for five days having the network tout you as the No. 1 new show on TV. We had that and they can’t take it away from us,” he joked. “We don’t think Monday nights we’re going to give the world a cure for cancer – we’re going to give them a great night of television. Anything else is gravy, or makes us scratch our heads.” He noted CBS will replay this week’s episode on Saturday to get additional sampling, concluding, “If we thought about it any more I think our heads would explode.”


Just before their Q&A, they’d gotten an important show of support from CBS Entertainment chief Nina Tassler. “It’s a much tougher time period, Monday at 10 — we all know that,” she told TV critics of the ratings plunge, tipping her hat to Blacklist and ABC’s Monday at 10 Castle. “We’ve seen episodes and like the stories, love the stars, and we think it’s a really good show,” she added.


Have to say I was a bit disappointed myself when I learned about the enourmous drop in ratings. I kinda liked the pilot! Hopefully Intelligence can regain some of it's audience.


Source: DeadLine

Ratings: Intelligence Opens Strong

January 9, 2014


Ratings: Intelligence Opens Strong


Right of the bat you perhaps would say: what does this have to do with sci-fi, well after watching the first episode I can definately say there certainly are some sci-fi elements in it. Last Tuesday Intelligence premiered with solid ratings and a very high viewersship in millions! It was right after NCIS and that probably helped a bit.


It scored a 2.4 rating and 16.5 million viewers in total, making it this TV season’s most watched series launch. Intelligence makes its regular time slot premiere Monday at 10. It of course is not really original, take Jake 2.0, Chuck, The Six Million Dollar Man, but the episode was certainly entertaining, some nice FX scenes so we will see where this goes.


Source: TVLine

How creator pitched CBS's Intelligence as Six Million Dollar Man for modern era

January 7, 2014


How creator pitched CBS's Intelligence as Six Million Dollar Man for modern era


The new CBS spy-fi series Intelligence debuts this week, bringing fan-favorite Lost star Josh Holloway back with it. So, what should we expect?


According to series creator Michael Seitzman, a pretty big blast from the past (with a nice modern twist). In a lengthy chat with IGN, Seitzman explained how they actually developed the series as a spin on the 1970s classic The Six Million Dollar Man.


But, instead of super speed and super strength, Holloway’s operative, Gabriel Vaughn, has a computer chip implanted in his brain that gives him access to a huge network of information. So, super-brain powers instead of super-strength powers. Yeah, it sounds like a more serious take on NBC’s critically beloved Chuck, but we’ll give Seitzman the benefit of the doubt with the Six Million Dollar Man comparisons.


Here’s an excerpt from the interview in which he explains their take on the concept:


"In [Six Million Dollar Man’s] case, it was physical strength, which was something in the '70s that meant something different than it would mean today. In a world where you can press a button and a drone five miles up can kill a man on the ground, does super physical strength matter as much? Probably not... So while we have a very strong, athletic, military, experienced character, the idea of being able to access the same information grid just in a different way than the rest of us do was incredibly compelling…


Probably the biggest thing you're doing with a character that has an ability is defining what he can't do, as opposed to what he can do. You try to approach it from that angle. Storytelling is conflict management. The tension's always going to come from what he can't do, from what other people can't do. You know, you get a certain amount of satisfaction and wish fulfillment from the things that he can do, but a lot of what you're doing is trying to frustrate."


Executive producer Tripp Vinson revealed they actually considered giving Holloway’s character super strength and speed in the early development of the series, but axed that angle once they realized it was veering toward well-trod territory:


“In fact, there was a point in the early stages of development where the writers were considering giving Gabriel physical abilities as well. I think Michael rightly pointed out that that was going to be a very familiar area to go down, especially given the things we see with Marvel and their superhero movies; you see those powers given to heroes all the time, and the great challenge I think was when we started talking about finding something else that would make him special, a different type of power that we hadn't seen before. That's how this all sort of began."


I'm kinda looking forward to this one, especially now when I read above excerpt because I always loved "The Six Million Dollar Man" as a kid. I also love "Chuck" which this also strongly reminds me of. So really interested in this series. Coming on CBS means it has to have really good ratings to be considered succesful so fingers crossed!


Source: Blastr

CBS Moves Up Premiere Of ‘Intelligence’

November 13, 2013


CBS Moves Up Premiere Of ‘Intelligence’


CBS‘ midseason drama Intelligence, originally slated for a post-Olympics launch on February 24, will premiere on January 13 after a preview on January 7 behind an original episode of CBS’ biggest drama series, NCIS. Airing in the Monday 10 PM slot, Intelligence will succeed Hostages, which will finish its 15-episode freshman season on January 6. That makes for a continuous year-round original drama presence in the hour, with Under The Dome segueing to Hostages, which will be immediately followed by Intelligence.


Intelligence stars Josh Holloway as a high-tech intelligence operative enhanced with a super-computer microchip in his brain. CSI alumna Marg Helgenberger stars as Lillian Strand, the Director of the elite government cyber-security agency who supports Gabriel and oversees the unit’s missions. Meghan Ory plays the third lead in the series, from executive producers Michael Seitzman, Tripp Vinson and Barry Schindel, ABC Television Studios and CBS Television Studios.


Source : DeadLine

#Intelligence Adds Another #Lost Vet

September 25, 2013


Intelligence Adds Another Lost Vet


Josh Holloway and Zuleikha Robinson will soon unite on CBS’ Intelligence. The Homeland actress has landed a recurring role in the midseason thriller, reports. She’ll play Amelia, the wife of Holloway’s Gabriel, who is described as an intelligence officer who has long been missing from duty.


Robinson’s other recent TV credits include The Mentalist and Covert Affairs. Of course her past tv credits are also The Lone Gunmen and New Amsterdam.


Must say I think she's great, from the very first time I saw her on The Lone Gunmen I was impressed by her. She was away too long between The Lone Gunmen & New Amsterdam but luckily she's back and are we lucky enough to see her in a lot of tv series.


Source: TVLine

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