February 7, 2013


Nuts! Jericho creator confirms Netflix in talks to revive series!


Ever since the second season ended with an epic set-up for a third year, fans have been clamoring for more of CBS’s short-lived Jericho. It’s been a few years, but don’t give up hope—series creator Stephen Chbosky says it ain’t dead yet.


The late, great Jericho still has a rabid fan base out there. Maybe not as strong as Joss Whedon’s short-lived Firefly, but it's there. Chbosky said that passion has kept the show in the public consciousness long enough that those rumored discussions with Netflix might actually lead to something.


The story has continued via a successful comic book run, much like how Buffy the Vampire Slayer found new life with canonical comic “seasons” in recent years. Chbosky tackled the show’s fate at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival (SBIFF), saying the comics could serve as a great template for a continuation of some kind:


“You know WME (William Morris Endeavor) Agency, who represents me, Jon Turteltaub and many other people, and they’ve been talking to Netflix and you never know. I can’t say what it will be in season three, but I’m excited for the new developments... Well, if you really, really want to know about season three, the best thing would be to read the comics. That tells a better story.”


Netflix is making a hard push into original content, and the Arrested Development deal shows they’re not afraid to revive fan favorites. Jericho has found even more fans in the wake of its cancellation via streaming service like Netflix, and it’d be a natural fit for the original development slate.


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Lennie James jericho Netflix
Lennie James

June 28, 2012

Jericho star still hopeful Netflix will save series (and wants in)


Remember last month's news that Netflix was thinking about reviving the cult post-apocalyptic series Jericho? Well, you can count on at least one member of the cast being interested in returning.

Digital Spy reports that Lennie James, who played Robert Hawkins on the original CBS sci-fi drama, says he'd "definitely be interested" in working on a new version of the show. Jericho was canceled by CBS in 2008 after two seasons, but Netflix has shown interest in bringing it back.


James said about the possibility of Jericho returning, "At the moment it's just rumors and talks. It is certainly something I would never dismiss. I had too much fun on the show, I have too much loyalty to that show. The cast, crews and creators were very good to me and looked after me while I've been over in the US, so it would always be very hard for me to say no."


The actor, who hails from England and also impressed viewers with his brief time as Morgan Jones on season one of The Walking Dead, had nothing but kind words about the "incredibly loyal" fans who supported Jericho and launched a memorable campaign to save the show after its first season that involved sending 20 tons of peanuts to CBS headquarters.

But above all, James said that it's the cast and crew that would ultimately lure him back: "It's the show that brought me over to America, I made friends for life on it and if they manage to find a way to make it work or make it viable to return, I would definitely be interested. I'd love to hang out with all those guys again and get back into that character."


No word yet on whether Skeet Ulrich, Ashley Scott, Kenneth Mitchell or the rest of the cast share James' feelings. Would you like to see Jericho revived? Even if they couldn't get back all the original cast members?


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Jericho Netflix

May 1, 2012


With their continued expansion into original programming, and their highest-profile pickup of the forthcoming new season of ‘Arrested Development,’ it looks like Netflix might be going back to the cancellation well once more to revive a long-dead series.  Still, might their latest object of desire have been nuked one-too-many times to be revived?


According to intel from TVGuide, Netflix has reportedly begun talks toward reviving the long-cancelled CBS post-apocalyptic drama ‘Jericho,’ which itself has already been the target of multiple revival efforts.  Even four years after its official cancellation, ‘Jericho’ remains a popular, and regularly streamed program on Netflix’s instant streaming service.


Reviving the drama, which followed the residents of a small Kansas town in the wake of an American nuclear civil war, would take more than a few financial concessions on the part of both Netflix and CBS, difficult considering the money Netflix has already shelled out for ‘Arrested Development’ and their two-season commitment to Kevin Spacey’s upcoming ‘House of Cards.’  Additionally, while series lead Skeet Ulrich remains available, co-star Lennie James (‘The Walking Dead‘) has a commitment to upcoming ABC pilot ‘Gotham.’


This latest effort is far from the first time ‘Jericho’ has seen the prospect of renewal, as fan-lobbied campaigns convinced CBS to give the series a second season after its first cancellation, before ultimately cancelling it again.  Since then, talks have fizzled with Comcast to revive the series, plans for a movie have stalled, and currently the series maintains a comic book series with further issues due out this year.  It just won’t quit!

What say you?  Would you like to see ‘Jericho’ given new life on Netflix, or has the series been cancelled too many times for its own good?


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