Life On Mars
The US release

March 30, 2013


Life on Mars - Season 1 [DVD]


The Americans like to copy British tv shows, this does not sit well with the Brits, something I don't understand really, I think they should see it as a compliment. Life on Mars is also such an example, about a detective thrown back into the 70's. I myself watched a few episodes of the UK original but I never could get into it, maybe because the dialect I don't know. On the other hand I immediately liked the US variant. The lead player Det. Sam Tyler (Jason O'Mara, Terra Nova) was a bit stiff in the beginning but the supporting cast were superb, loved them immediately, especially Det. Ray Carling played by Michael Imperioli but also Harvey Keitel, Lt Gene Hunt, who was over the top but I loved it. 


Life on Mars has been released in more countries than I expected, below I have summed it up:


Of course Life On Mars has been released in the US but as far as I can tell not in Canada. Language English and it has English and French subtitles. It's reasonably priced at the moment but it is region code 1.


The US variant of Life on Mars has also been released in the UK, of course it has an English, French and Italian soundtrack and more than a few subtitles on it according to a customer on amazon: English hoh, Dutch, Danish, Finnish, French, Greek, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Swedish.


This complete series also has been released in France. According to Amazon it has an English and a French soundtrack and subtitles are English, French and Dutch. I think however it could be quite possible it has the same languages and subtitles as the UK release but I'm not sure.


It's also been released in Italy and with the same specifications as the UK release. One more reason to assume the French release is the same.


Life on Mars (US) has also been released in Australia, I do not have any info about the subtitles of this release. It is a region code 4 release, these are compatible with region 2 DVD players.

From left to right: French, UK, Australian and Italian release
From left to right: French, UK, Australian and Italian release

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