December 29, 2012


Night Stalker DVD Release, Region 1 Only!


Release date North America: May 30, 2006


Of course this is the remake of Kolchak: The Night Stalker, but could be exactly the reason why Night Stalker failed! People were comparing it with the original, it did not have it's own identity, and people did not give it a chance because of it. In fact I quite like this show, it's dark, has some interesting characters, well performed. Cancelled after only six episodes because nobody watched! So only the ones who've seen this can have an honest opinion. It has a bit of The X-Files feel to it, I also liked the narrating Kolchak (Stuart Townsend) did. Ten episodes were produced and thankfully all ten episodes are on this DVD release. If you have a DVD player which can play region 1 discs, give this series a chance, I believe it's worth it, and at the moment it's at a bargain price on! Special features: Audio Commetaries; a Conversation with Frank Spotnitz; deleted scenes and of course the vier episodes (7-10) which haven't been broadcast at that time. This set does have English subtitles.

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