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Now and Again


Now and Again is an American television series that aired in the US from September 24, 1999 until May 5, 2000 on CBS. The story revolves around the United States government engineering the perfect human body for use in espionage, but not being able to yet perfect the brain. In an attempt to get the project up and running, they take the brain of overweight family man Michael Wiseman, who is killed by a train.


Given a new life, Michael is kept in an apartment where he is trained by government experts, led by Dr. Theodore Morris, in the art of espionage. Despite his new life and new abilities, Michael longs to return to his wife Lisa and daughter Heather, who are themselves discovering that not all is as it seems with Michael's death.




Michael Wiseman (John Goodman in the pilot and flashbacks) was a mild mannered officer worker with a wife Lisa (Margaret Colin) and daughter Heather (Heather Matarazzo). One day, Michael falls onto the tracks of a subway and is hit by a train. Waking up he meets Dr Theodore Morris (Dennis Haysbert). Morris is head of a secret government project which has designed a "perfect" human body (Eric Close). They have implanted Michael's brain into this perfect body following his death. While this allows him to live, it also obliges him to work as a secret agent for the government, foiling terrorist attacks.


It also means that he cannot return to life with his family and is, in fact, supposed to never contact them. Michael, who misses his wife and daughter terribly, soon violates this rule, but keeps his identity secret from them. Much of the drama of the show revolved around Michael's efforts to work with the gruff and demanding Dr. Morris. As the series went on the latter grew closer to Michael. Meanwhile, Lisa and Heather struggled to adapt to life after Michael's death.




The show ran for one season. The reasons cited by CBS for its cancellation included the unjustifiable expense of the program.


Both of the show's main stars, Eric Close and Dennis Haysbert, went on to have regular roles in successful series (Without A Trace and 24 respectively).




In 2000 Now and Again won three Saturn Awards for;


  • "Best Genre TV Actress" - Margaret Colin
  • "Best Genre TV Supporting Actor" - Dennis Haysbert
  • "Best Network Television Series"


Now and Again was also nominated for an Emmy in 2000 for Outstanding Main Title Design.


Till this tv show has never been released in DVD anywhere. No word if this is ever going to change, you can sign up to show your interest in the tv show.


Now and Again

Now and Again Theme [2x]

Now and Again Intro into the Series.

Episode Guide

Now and Again Season 1
Now and Again Season 1

Season 1 Episodes [Complete Series]


1.01 Origins

1.02 On the Town

1.03 Over Easy

1.04 One for the Money

1.05 The Insurance Man Always Rings Twice

1.06 Nothing to Fear, but Nothing to Fear

1.07 A Girl's Life

1.08 Pulp Turkey

1.09 By the Light of the Moon

1.10 I've Grown Accustomed to His Face

1.11 Fire and Ice

1.12 Disco Inferno

1.13 I Am the Greatest

1.14 Film at Eleven

1.15 Deep in My Heart is a Song

1.16 Everybody Who's Anybody

1.17 Boy Wonder

1.18 Lizzard's Tale

1.19 There Are No Words

1.20 The Bugmeister

1.21 The Bugmeister, Part Bee

1.22 The Eggman Cometh  

Now and Again Banner
Now and Again Banner

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