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Primeval: New World

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Release date [Germany] May 31, 2013

Release date [US/Canada] October 22, 2013


The original Primeval series began in 2007, it ran five  seasons, (series in the UK)  but was cancelled after three seasons. What does not happen often did, it became un-cancelled and got two more seasons out of it. Back then there was talk of a spin-off, but on the other side of the pond, Canada. This talk started way back in 2009 and became reality in 2012.


Primeval: New World was born, sadly, it has gotten a very short life, only one season. Space cancelled it because of low ratings. Most fans of the original Primeval hated it from the start  but is Primeval: New World so awful or did it deserve another season? Well I have to say, and this is just my opinion, the pilot was really good, engaging story, characters are likable, a guest spot from one of the original Primeval crew, story arc development which was really interesting, secret government organization. So the pilot worked out well if you ask me, but the episodes that followed, were a bit a repeat of the first episodes of the original Primeval series! Been there done that and that's a shame. Of course I understand that not everybody in Canada seen the original, so perhaps they needed some "monster of the week" stories but it took too long. Only people who kept watching beyond episode 7 knew this could become a really interesting series.


The last episodes, 8 to 13 were very interesting and also the return of the original Primeval crewmember, really could see something growing there. So I really hoped for miracle, really hoped we would get a second season so the creators could show us what it all meant. Sadly the US viewers on Syfy, like the Canadian viewers stayed away and so a miraculous rescue, what the New World fans were hoping for, unfortunately did not happen either. So all we have is the first season, a season with a major cliff-hanger of course.


As is the case with a lot of tv series, especially with series which are being cancelled after one season or less, do not get a blu-ray release in most countries, except maybe for North America. This is also the case with New World, in the UK it was released on DVD in April 2013 but not on blu-ray. By pure coincidence, while browsing on the German Amazon, I see it is released there, first country which released this series on blu-ray. In October 2013 it will also be released in blu-ray in North America.


The menu of the German release immediately makes you smile, it really looks good, not a "stand still" menu but a moving menu in which you see parts of an anomaly and where you also see the characters slide over your screen. The Picture Quality is impressive, really enjoyed the near perfect picture while watching. The sound is a standard DTS HD 5.1, solid, no problem whatsoever in understanding the dialogue, very clear. The German release has a German and an English soundtrack and only has German subs unfortunately, but as I said, no problem in hearing the dialogue.


There aren't that many extra's on it but still some interesting features. All in all this is a great Blu-Ray release. Perhaps you ask, why should I purchase this, yet another series ending with a cliff-hanger. You are right of course but as I said earlier on this site somewhere, I would be miss out on a lot of interesting series if I did not buy those one season series. So yes, I recommend it, if only to see more episodes of this interesting universe and although it ends with a cliff-hanger, the last bunch of episodes and also the pilot really are good episodes. 



Extra information regarding the Blu Ray release:


  • 50GB Blu-ray Disc
  • Three-disc set (3 BDs)
  • Video codec: TBA
  • Video resolution: 1080p
  • Aspect ratio: 1.78:1
  • Original aspect ratio: 1.78:1
  • English: DTS-HD 5.1
  • Subtitles Ger: German
  • Region Code Ger: B (not been tested for other regions)
  • Packaging: Standard BD case with slip


Special features:


  • Behind the Scenes
  • Meet the Cast
  • Inside Cross Photonics

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    SF Series And Movies (Saturday, 14 December 2013 20:04)

    Finished today with my first re-watch of New World and I have to say it really sucked it got cancelled. It's a series which has to start up but it really got exciting towards the end of the season, real ashame this is canned because it really had potential.

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