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June 13, 2012


Hannah Spearritt on Primeval future : No News on Sixth Series


Hannah Spearritt has cast doubt on the future of Primeval. A fifth series of the sci-fi drama will debut on ITV1 on Saturday (June 16), a year after the episodes aired on digital channel Watch.


On the prospect of a sixth run, Spearritt told TV Choice: "There's been no mention of it to me. It's a difficult one. We've had five series and it would be lovely if it did carry on. [But] it's kind of tough though because I hope it hasn't lost momentum. "If we made another one, by the time it's shown again, all the fans will have been waiting a couple of years and I don't know if that's entirely fair." A new Primeval spinoff - subtitled New World - was officially announced in February 2012. 

"I'm excited about seeing [the spinoff show], and it's nice that the concept carries on," said Spearritt. "I'm just intrigued really to see how they do it." The "older, darker and scarier" series has filmed in Vancouver and will be broadcast on Watch in late 2012. "It'll be interesting to see what they do with the locations," she added. "I suppose it will be strange, but I'm excited for it as well." It is currently unclear if ITV will transmit Primeval: New World.


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Primeval series 1-5 - UK DVD Release

Primeval series 1-5 on DVD
Primeval series 1-5 on DVD - UK Release



We still don't know if there will be a series 6 of Primeval. Series 5 ended with a cliff-hanger. Meanwhile a spin-off has been announced which you can read about on this site also but still no news about the original Primeval. Still, perhaps there is hope because on the DVD release it does not say "The Complete Series", just "The Complete Series 1-5". Released November 2011. It does have English subtitles but nothing more. - series 1-5

Zavvi/Primeval - series 1-5

HMV/Primeval - series 1-5


March 1, 2012

We won't have to wait long to see that Primeval spinoff New World

Remember that Canadian Primeval spinoff called New World we talked about last fall? Well, apparently it's already all set and done; ready-in-the-can, as they say. And we'll get to see it later this year. Probably. Mostly. Depends on where you live. Fingers crossed?


The 13-episode series—which will also follow the anomalies-and-dinosaurs-filled adventures of a new ragtag group of people made up of a "younger, sexier" cast—has apparently finished filming in Vancouver (the home of such popular genre shows as Supernatural and all three Stargate series).


So when will this new show air? According to Digital Spy, Primeval: New World (which has been described as "older, darker and scarier" than its predecessor, with a bit of crossover action promised) is all set to air in the U.K. on Watch later this year and will also be shown in Canada on SPACE (they are behind this new Primeval spinoff production, after all), probably around the same time. So we can expect New World to be shown in the U.S. roughly by the end of the year, right? Let's hope so.


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'Primeval' post-watershed spinoff to film in Canada

A post-watershed spinoff of Primeval will be "darker and scarier".



A post-watershed Primeval spinoff will begin production later in the year, it has been announced.

The sci-fi drama began on ITV1 in 2007 and was recommissioned for a fourth and fifth series as part of a co-production deal between ITV and UKTV. While the fifth series was shown on Watch earlier this year, no details of its ITV1 broadcast have been confirmed.

Broadcast reports that Indie production company Impossible Pictures has secured an order for the "older, darker and scarier" Primeval: New Order from Canadian sci-fi broadcaster Space, which previously acquired the UK series.

PRIMEVAL: NEW WORLD follows a specialized team of animal experts and scientists that investigates the appearance of temporal anomalies and battles both prehistoric and futuristic creatures. The series boasts new Canadian characters and stories created by an all-Canadian team of writers. Set in Vancouver against the backdrop of the Pacific Northwest, PRIMEVAL: NEW WORLD takes the thrills and gripping storylines that fans of the British series have grown to love and creates something completely unique that’s darker and scarier than the current U.K. series. At the same time, story and character development will move between the two series, uniting different plotlines.

Production will begin in Vancouver in the winter, with the show expected to air in a 9pm slot during autumn next year. "This will be a bigger, better, badder re-imagining of the show, rather than a continuation," said Impossible managing director Jonathan Drake.

"We are really looking forward to working with [production company] Omni to help make a series that can exceed even the huge success of the original Primeval in international markets and with viewers across the world."

UKTV is said to be involved in talks to arrange a co-production deal for Primeval: New Order.


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