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Sanctuary gets syndication deal for most of U.S.

March 30, 2013


Sanctuary Gets Syndication Deal for Most of the US!


Who says syndication is dead…Tricon Films & Television and PPI Releasing announced that the Syfy series Sanctuary will be available in broadcast syndication, with 78% of U.S. markets already sold, including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and stations from the ABC Owned Belo, Cox, Hearst, Fox, LIN, Meredith, Hubbard, Journal, Pappas, Post-Newsweek, Titan and Wiegel groups. The episodes are expected to start airing later this year.


The show, which had four seasons on Syfy after starting as a web series, was officially canceled by Syfy last May. Perhaps you ask yourself, is this really interesting news but maybe this deal can result in a renewed interest in the Amanda Tapping series if successful.


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September 10, 2012


Sanctuary Season 5 Won't Continue as a Miniseries!


Sanctuary fans still smarting over the show’s cancellation by Syfy were holding out hope for a Peacekeeper Wars-style miniseries or TV movie to tie up all the loose ends from the four seasons of the sci-fi show, headed up by Stargate SG-1 favourite Amanda Tapping.

Answering fan questions on Twitter, Syfy executive Craig Engler admitted that a Sanctuary miniseries is “Not something we could do unfortunately.”




August 24, 2012

Sanctuary-Bonus Material, Including Exclusive Guidebook, for 'The Complete Series' on DVD


Release date [US] October 23, 2012


Sanctuary got cancelled back in May after a long period of doubt wether or not it would get a fifth season. We all know by now this is not the case. In North America a complete series on DVD is going to be released this fall. Probably the same discs as the original releases. Unfortunately the complete series hasn't been announced [yet] for Blu-Ray! Look below here where you can see the special features which are in this set. No word yet if this is going the be released in the rest of the world also.



Special Features:


  • Over 20 Making-of Featurettes
  • Audio Commentaries on Select Episodes
  • Bloopers/Outtakes
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Exclusive 16-page Guidebook


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May 22, 2012

Sanctuary: Cancelled (Finally); No Season Five

Sanctuary Cancelled, no season 5
Sanctuary Cancelled, no season 5

It’s the bad news that we suspected was coming. Syfy has cancelled Sanctuary after four seasons on the air. The defacto series finale aired on December 30, 2011. The series began as a series of free webisodes that were released in 2007. Syfy picked up Sanctuary as a regular series in 2008 and ended up producing 59 episodes over the show’s four season run.


The last episode of the fourth season of Sanctuary aired in December and as time has gone on, it seemed to become apparent that the cable channel wouldn’t be producing any more. Craig Engler, the senior VP and GM of Syfy, broke the news of the cancellation today. He tweeted, “Just landed and I see we have a sad announcement today: #Sanctuary will not be back for a 5th season.”



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May 13, 2012

Sanctuary Blu-Ray release
Sanctuary Blu-Ray release

Sanctuary Season 4 [Blu-Ray]


Release date [US] July 17, 2012

Release date [GER] September 7, 2012

Release date [Australia] Not yet announced


It's still not decided if Sanctuary gets a new season but at least season 4 has already been announced in North America on Blu-Ray. On July 17th Season 4 will be released. Season 4 ended on a reasonably satisfying note so if Syfy leaves us hangin', at least we do not have a huge cliff-hanger ending. SyFy's announcement recently about those many new scripted shows could definately mean the end of Sanctuary. We will have to be patient.


Regarding this release, not yet announced if there are any subs on it, other then the cover art and the release date, there is not much info available yet. As soon as there is more news I will update this page. Higly probable season 4 also will be released on Blu in Australia and Germany because earlier seasons also have a Blu-Ray release there. For more info about the long hiatus, wondering if there will be a fifth season.


May 12, 2012

Sanctuary‘s long hiatus: Is it permanent?

As a general rule of thumb in the television industry, by the time you’ve aired the last episode produced of your series, you generally know the fate of said series.  You either know you’ve been canceled and the series run is done, or you get a half or full-season order and actively begin work on a new batch of episodes.  The decision on which way things go is generally known prior to the final episode airing or very shortly thereafter.


Unfortunately, that is the farthest thing from the case for a series near and dear to the hearts of many Stargate fans and genre TV watchers in general.  More than four months after airing its last episode, the fate of the Syfy series Sanctuaryis still in limbo, with its creative team and industry analysts alike unsure whether the series will survive and get a new season — the series’ fifth.


While in British Columbia for the final Vancouver version of the Creation Entertainment Official Stargate Convention, GateWorld flew up a few days early and took an invite to visit Bridge Studios to sit down with executive producer Martin Wood and executive producer/series star Amanda Tapping for an exclusive chat on a variety of topics, including the series’ long hiatus and its potential fate.  The answers we received — while not the best news we want to hear — are brutally honest, yet still hopeful.


“Do we see it returning?  I’d love to see it return.  It was never an intention to end the show after Season Four,” Tapping said.  “In all honesty, we’re not going to be on TV screens in the fall.  We know that.  It’s really just been a logistical [nightmare] and a heartbreaking, soul crushing play-out of events.  But the truth of the matter is Syfy was not able to make a decision in a timely fashion as to whether or not we were coming back for the fall.  They had their whole crunch going on with Comcast taking over at NBC.  So they weren’t able to give us a decision.”


The wait for an answer won’t be indefinite, though, as Tapping hinted as to when a decision either way must come by.


“Our financers were getting really nervous about whether or not the show was coming back.  And even though Syfy doesn’t have to tell us until July, telling us in July means the show is not coming back in the fall because we can’t possibly do it,” Tapping said. “In that time period where the financers were getting nervous and Syfy wasn’t giving us a decision, our studio came up for lease.  And our studio is very expensive.  They wanted us to sign a year-long lease and pay three months in advance.  And our financers were like “Why would we do that? We don’t even know if the show’s [returning].”  So they released the studio. “All of our assets are currently sitting in a massive storeroom,” Tapping added.  “Everything Sanctuary.  Except for our sets which have been sold.”

Martin Wood is quick to stress that while the series’ fate continues to remain unknown, it has nothing to do with Syfy’s overall happiness with the series and its performance.

“We’re at the point of where art and business collide,” Wood said.  “[We got] a call from the head of the network, Mark Stern.  He called to say ‘I have to admit that Season Four was your best season ever.  It was amazing.  We loved what Season Four was doing.’  But his hands were tied at that point.  He couldn’t make a decision on it.  Because he wasn’t available to do that.  Or rather, the decision-making capability wasn’t available to him.  I think given their feelings about the show, they certainly would have brought it back.  But again, that’s the point where art and business collide.”


For Tapping, the wait for an answer about what will happen to the series she has invested so much time and effort into has been an emotional-roller coaster. “You’ve got Syfy dealing with Comcast, and you’ve got Syfy dealing with our financers, The Beedie Group, which own the show.  And we’re just a couple of creative producers who just want to make the show,” Tapping said.  “I can’t [talk about it] without sitting here and bawling my eyes out.  It has been the most heart-crushing, soul destroying experience.  Because it’s a really good show and we love it.  And we are stuck between these two really opposing forces.”


For more from the duo about Sanctuary‘s fate, along with their thoughts on the Stargate franchise’s dormancy and so much more, make sure you keep your browser locked to GateWorld.  An exclusive full-length audio interview with Amanda Tapping and Martin Wood is mere days away and not one you’ll want to miss!


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May 2, 2012

Sanctuary - Season 4 DVD Release UK [region 2]

Sanctuary - season 4


Release date [UK] July 2, 2012

Release date [US] July 17, 2012



It's still not decided if Sanctuary gets a new season but at least season 4 has already been announced in the UK. In July season 4 will be released on DVD in the UK. Season 4 ended on a reasonably satisfying note so if Syfy leaves us hangin', at least we do not have a huge cliff-hanger ending. SyFy's announcement recently about those many new scripted shows could definately mean the end of Sanctuary. We will have to be patient. Regarding this release, not yet announced if there are any subs on it.


Update : North American release date also announced, in North America there will be a DVD and a Blu-Ray release. Like the UK release also for the North American release, not much details known yet. As soon as i have more info I will update this page.



April 18, 2012

Sanctuary: Seasons 1,2 & 3 on Blu-ray, region B



Release date [Germany] June 29, 2012


Till now the tv show Sanctuary only has been released in North-America on Blu-Ray. But that's going to change. Starting June 29, 2012, the first 3 seasons of Sanctuary are going to be released on Blu-Ray in Germany. So not 1 season at the time but all three on the same release date. These releases have an German and an English Soundtrack but as far I can tell at the moment, only German subtitles, that would be a pity. Really hope there at least will English subs also on it. I will keep you updated.


Sanctuary Blu-Ray
Sanctuary Blu-Ray Release German Release Region B

August 30, 2011

Sanctuary: The Complete Third Season [Blu-ray] (2011) 


Release date [US] September 13, 2011


Sanctuary season 3 will be released next month, the first 2 seasons were region B compatable but season 3 is region A locked. Third season contains 20 episodes.


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