The Six Million Dollar Man - DVD Release Regions 1,2 & 4

US release Season 2
US release Season 2

The Six Million Dollar Man, a tv show from the seventies, lasted 5 seasons and a bunch of tv movies. I took a long while but finally there has been some full season releases on DVD. However in the UK, Germany, Australia and also The Netherlands, this tv show only has been releases partially till now.


In North- America all seasons have been released, seperately but also in a complete boxset. It's quite expensive though but the seperate seasons are getting more and more difficult to get for a decent price. Of course this is a region 1 release and it does seem to have English subtitles, according to a customer who commented om All the tv movies are also in this complete series, the pilot movies as well as the 3 movies which have been made after the series ended. 


In Australia only the first 2 seasons have been released, both in 2 parts but the complete series is due for release there in June, next month! Don't know if this contains any subs, could be there will be, because it looks like the same release as the North American release. Not sure if the movies are also on the complete series release but i would assume they are. This is a region 4 release, region 4 DVD's can be played on a region 2 player also.


In the UK only the first 2 seasons have been released on DVD and a few tv movies. There also have been "volumes" released in the past on which there are a few episodes each. There are no subs on it unfortunately. This is a region 2 release.


In Germany the first 3 seasons have been released till now, also 2 tv movies. German and English soundtrack but it's not clear to me if there are any subtitles on it. This is also a region 2 release.


In France all 5 seasons have been released, according to comments on, the 3 tv movies created after the tv series ended, are on the season 5 release, French soundtrack and it seems also an English soundtrack [I'm not sure though]. Region 2 release.


In The Netherlands only the first 2 seasons have been released. Not one movie, nothing. Only Dutch subs on it.

Season 2 [UK]; Season 3 [GER]; Season 4 [US]; Season 5 [FR] & TV Movie [US]
Season 2 [UK]; Season 3 [GER]; Season 4 [US]; Season 5 [FR] & TV Movie [US]
US & Australian Release
US & Australian Release

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Comments: 4
  • #1

    chrisdvanne (Thursday, 26 July 2012 12:52)

    I grew up in the seventies with that serie, as well as Wonder Woman or The Incredible Hulk. Love it!

  • #2

    sfseriesenfilms (Friday, 27 July 2012 06:44)

    Then we're about the same age! ;-) Six million dollar man was awesome, when I was a very young kid i even had a Sim Million Dollar Man doll! ;-)

  • #3

    Nicole (Monday, 04 December 2017 07:48)

    Hi, I would like to buy the six million dollar man season 4 and 5 in region 4 as I live in Brisbane (Australia) can you please tell me where I can buy it from.

    Cheers - Nicole

  • #4

    SFseries&Movies (Monday, 11 December 2017 17:30)

    Hi Nicole,

    I would suggest you buy it from Is region 2 but will play on your region 4 player.
    Regions 2 & 4 are compatible.

    Direct link:


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