Space Precinct

Space Precinct is a British television series that aired from 1994 to 1995 on Sky One and later on BBC Two in Britain, and in syndication in North America on the SyFyChannel.

The series was created by Gerry Anderson and was a mix of science fiction and police procedural that combined elements of many of Anderson's previous series such as Space: 1999, UFO and Thunderbirds, but with an added dash of Law & Order and Dragnet. Gerry Anderson was Executive Producer along with Tom Gutteridge. One of the series' directors was John Glen who had previously helmed various James Bond movies.




The series is set in the year 2040 and starred American actor Ted Shackelford as former NYPD detective Patrick Brogan, now a lieutenant with the Demeter City police force on the planet Altor in the Epsilon Eridani system. Brogan and his partner Jack Haldane (played by Rob Youngblood) must adjust to living in another solar system, and investigating crimes being committed by aliens as well as humans. Also co-starring was Danish actress Simone Bendix as Officer Jane Castle, Haldane's love interest (Brogan being happily married with a wife, daughter and son who made the move to Demeter City with him.




The series was one of the highest-budgeted shows Anderson ever produced, and was relatively popular in Europe. However, in a repeat of the situation that UFO encountered 25 years earlier, American broadcasters were uncertain what to make of this series that looked on the surface to be aimed at children, yet actually featured adult-oriented storylines and was usually played straight despite the bizarre storylines and make-up (a situation later also faced by Farscape). As a result, Space Precinct was often scheduled in late-night/early morning time slots. It failed to generate sufficient American ratings for a second season to be authorized.




The idea for Space Precinct predated the series by nearly a decade. In 1986 Anderson produced Space Police, a 55-minute pilot film that featured Anderson regular Shane Rimmer as Brogan. The series failed to sell at that time and the pilot was never aired.


The pilot, which has since circulated on video and online, features many differences. Brogan is a much older character than that played by Shackleford, and is a bachelor. His partner - and the only other apparently human character in the pilot - is Sgt. Cathy Costello, who is revealed to be an android capable of shifting between human appearance and a more robotic look for dangerous missions. The aliens featured in the pilot are catlike rather than the more exotic aliens in Space Precinct. The only character other than Brogan to transfer from the pilot to the series is the robot Slo-Mo. The pilot, which is more comedic in nature than the somewhat-serious series that followed, combined live action, full-size prosthetics, puppetry, and Supermacromation techniques.


Home Media:


Space Precinct was released on DVD in Britain but, as of mid-2008, is out of print. It was released to DVD in North America on November 23, 2010. The America DVD release is region 1 and has no subtitles whatsoever. It was added to Netflix Instant Watch July 16 2011.


Space Precinct

Space Precinct 2040 Theme

Space Precinct

Season 1 - Complete Series


1.01 Protect and Survive

1.02 Enforcer

1.03 Body & Soul

1.04 Double Duty

1.05 The Snake

1.06 Time to Kill

1.07 Deadline

1.08 Seek and Destroy

1.09 The Power

1.10 Illegal

1.11 Divided We Stand

1.12 Two Against the Rock

1.13 Takeover

1.14 Predator and Prey

1.15 The Witness

1.16 Hate Street

1.17 Friends

1.18 Smelter Skelter

1.19 Flash

1.20 The Fire Within (1)

1.21 The Fire Within (2)

1.22 The Forever Beetle

1.23 Deathwatch (1)

1.24 Deathwatch (2)


Space Precinct

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