January 12, 2013


Space Precinct Legacy - Documentary [Blu-ray]


Release Date [UK] April 1, 2013


The story of the most ambitious British television series ever made. A feature length documentary about Gerry Anderson's short lived, live action series Space Precinct. Featuring all new interviews with cast and crew and never before seen behind the scenes material. Space Precinct Legacy is a must have for all Gerry Anderson and science fiction fans.


This is a remarkable release to say the least! Just after Gerry Anderson's passing, this release is announced, coincidence or was it in the pipeline all along. What's even more remarkable is that it's only Blu-ray release, no DVD release. Mind you, it can be an April fools day joke! it's release date April 1st!

May 18, 2012

Few Pics from the DVD Boxset

Space Precinct: The Complete Series - Region 1 DVD Release

Space Precinct The Complete Series
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Released at the end of 2010 in North America. Complete series, one season, all episodes. In the UK this set already has been released in 2000 [!] but the UK release is not available anymore. From creator Gerry Anderson, who also takes credit for Thunderbirds, Space 1999 & UFO. So it's a region 1 release, outside North America you'll need a region free DVD player to play these discs. There are no extras on it and there aren't any subtitles on it.


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