DS9 Soundtrack Volume I (released 2013)
DS9 Soundtrack Volume I (released 2013)

February 19, 2017


More STAR TREK: DS9, VOYAGER Soundtracks On the Way


La La Land's next Star Trek soundtrack will be released shortly (February 28th), of course the first volume of Star Trek: Voyager, but La La Land are also planning more future Star Trek releases in the coming 18 months!


My personal favorite is of course Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, the first volume was released 2013 and now 4 years later the second volume finally is on the horizon, in the last quarter of this year Volume II of DS9 will be released by La La Land if all goes as planned. A volume II of Voyager is planned the first quarter of 2018, see overview below:


  • DS9 Volume 2 – 3rd qtr 2017
  • Voyager Volume 2 – 1st qtr 2018

[Score for ‘Voyager’ finale’] Endgame will be on Vol 2. Had to save something.


Unknown Trek collection featuring:


  • Disc 1 – TNG – leftovers
  • Disc 2 – DS9 – leftovers
  • Disc 3 – Voyager – leftovers
  • Disc 4 – Enterprise – leftovers

Probably by Summer 2018 we will be saying our final goodbye to Trek. I think roughly after 9 CDs from each series we will have covered just about all the amazing music from this incredible universe.


Source: TrekCore

February 9, 2017


Star Trek: DS9 - What We Left Behind - DS9 Documentary - INDIEGOGO


It has begun! Today the crowdfunding campaign for "What We Left Behind retrospective documentary" with cast and crew has started! As of this moment you can become a backer for this documentary of the best Star Trek show ever created.


The initial fundraiser goal is just under the $150.000. Check out this INDIEGOGO page where you can see what perks they have if you sign on. Don't miss out on helping out.


Update 8: Total funds that has been raised: $635,370! Unbelievable! Now we can look forward to the endresult and hopefully this has garnered more interest for the blu-ray release of the whole series!


Update 7: Well they've done it, fourth stretch has been reached also! $500,000! That means that they are going to remaster select show clips in HD and work with Doug Drexler to render original CGI models in HD! At least, that is their goal!


Update 6: Third Stretch has been reached! - Film additional round table interviews with DS9 crewmembers & fans & Unlocks free bonus item. Now for the next goal stretch, the most exciting one: Remaster select show clips in HD and work with Doug Drexler to render original CGI models in HD! This could be the starting point for the show to be fully remastered in HD!


Update 5: Second Stretch Goal also has been achieved! $350,000! That means: Original score with live orchestra & Extended writers' room feature, well this really is icing on the cake!


Update 4: First stretch goal has been achieved! That means that the documentary will be 90+ minutes long, instead of 60 minutes! Now on to the next stretch!


Update 3: Now that the is completely funded, the DS9 Doc team has added a few stretch goals to make it even more interesting!


$250,000 - Extended scope of the film from 60 min to 90+ min & Additional 3D graphics & animation

$350,000 - Original score with live orchestra & Extended writers' room feature

$425,000 - Film additional round table interviews with DS9 crewmembers & fans & Unlocks free bonus item

$500,000 - Remaster select show clips in HD and work with Doug Drexler to render original CGI models in HD!


Update 2:  It's already completely funded! A Little over a day of campaining! Where does this lead to! #DS9Forever!


Update: Not one day has passed since the opening of the crowdfunding campaign, and it's already 71% backed! Give it a few more hours and it will reach it's goal. This is going to be a big one!


From the INDIEGOGO campaign page:



Our documentary film, What We Left Behind: Looking Back at Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, will take a detailed look at this historic series and consider the reasons Deep Space Nine went from a family outcast to a Star Trek mainstay. The film will also contain a “what if” segment in which the original writers brainstorm a theoretical 8th season of the show.

Spearheaded by original show-runner Ira Steven Behr, directed by Adam Nimoy (For the Love of Spock), and with a handful of key interviews already ‘in the bag,’ the #DS9Doc now needs YOUR HELP to reach completion by finishing filming, editing, and post-production.


As an independent film team without the same resources of a large movie studio, we are counting on the support of fellow DS9 fans to take part and show their interest by helping to complete and release the film, and receiving valuable perks and rewards in return.

Filmmaking is an expensive venture, and while many of our team members and cast have already generously offered much of their own time (and money!) into the filming of the documentary, the post-production phase is a lengthy and technical process involving many aspects which we simply don’t have the ability to fund without outside help.


Our goal of (just under) $150,000 is the minimum we’ve calculated necessary to complete post-production, license all necessary music and footage, and release a high-caliber film. However, further funding will allow us to do more and release more exclusive rewards just for you, the backers (keep an eye out for our STRETCH GOALS, coming soon!).


What Else Can I do?

We understand that not everyone has the financial ability to contribute, but that certainly doesn't mean you can't help in other ways.

  • FOLLOW us on Facebook & Twitter and join the discussion!
  • SHARING the project with others on Facebook, Twitter and other social media and encouraging others to join the campaign is JUST as important and helpful! Be sure to tag @DS9Doc or #DS9Doc and send friends to bit.ly/DS9Doc to learn more!
  • Thinking of buying the DVD/Blu-Ray in the future? Your support NOW at $35 or up ensures that the film will be completed, and gets you the same physical copy you might otherwise have to purchase later on PLUS a slew of additional perks (not to mention, bragging rights).
  • By contributing as little as $1, you'll gain access to our exclusive news and updates on the project, and access to discussions with the film team.

January 17, 2017


Star Trek: DS9 - What We Left Behind - DS9 Documentary


I heard about it late last year, that Ira Behr was working on a Deep Space Nine documentary! I was really excited when I heard the nice, despite the fact that Ira wasn't yet able to get Avery Brooks to sign on for the documentary. I am a great Sisko fan so I truly hope he will sign up.


Ira Behr created a twitter page for the upcoming documentary: @DS9doc and also a webpage where you can sign on if you want to keep track of what the status is of the project. All you need to do is leave you email address here: ds9whatweleftbehind.com.


DS9: WHAT WE LEFT BEHIND is expected to debut from 455 Films – the same production team behind Chaos on the Bridge and For the Love of Spock.


So make sure you follow this DS9 account and/or leave your email address at the website so you'll get updated as soon as there is news about the documentary!


Source: Trekcore

No Plans by CBS to Restore Star Trek: Deep Space Nine in HD!

June 18, 2014


No Plans by CBS to Restore Star Trek: Deep Space Nine in HD!


The word is finally out, at the moment CBS isn't considering Star Trek: Deep Space Nine to be released on Blu-Ray! On TrekCore the review of the 6th season of Star Trek: The Next Generation it becomes clear that at the moment there are no plans to transfer DS9 to HD.


"The brief glimpse of Morn made me smile warmly, and his Lurian makeup only serves to tease the viewer more about the prospect of a DS9 remastering project. Come on CBS, sort out the budget and make it happen!"


"TrekCore CBS have NO PLANS to do Deep Space Nine right now. Period. I don't think I can be any more clear."


"TrekCore: I'm afraid not, Brian. I can confirm that CBS are not gearing up for a DS9 Remastered project.


"TrekCore: The former, I'm afraid. As of this moment, CBS-D will not be moving on to DS9. They'll wrap TNG within the next month or so."


It's a real shame, I got this nagging feeling earlier this year when it took so long before the 6th season was being released. Apparently there was a good reason because CBS Digital decided to do the 6th and 7th season in house. Furthermore, earlier this month I talked to someone of the Prelude to Axanar project, at Fedcon in Germany, he said that The Next Generation blu-ray's did not sell as well as CBS had hoped.


And since it's very costly, a transfer to HD and Deep Space Nine and Voyager aren't as popular as The Next Generation, it's not difficult to deduce the reason why CBS has no plans to move forward with Deep Space Nine. It's not being said it's never going to happen but for now there are no plans unfortunately. So I will take out my DVD set again and start watching my all time favourite TV Series again in SD quality. It's been too long and now I know there won't be any DS9 blu-ray's anytime soon, I will watch it the old fashion way. Of course this is not a good sign for TV series from the same time period.


Source: Trekcore

May 29, 2014


Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Could this be the next TREK on Blu?


Last week CBS home entertainment tweeted about the release of Season Six of TNG which is coming out on June 24 in North America. The way it was tweeted suggest DS9 could be next to be released on Blu-Ray:


As most Trek fans already know, we're less than a month now from the June 24th release of Star Trek: The Next Generation - Season 6 on Blu-ray Disc. What does that have to do with TNG spin-off Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, then? Well, last week CBS Home Entertainment (@CBSHE) tweeted that the new release coming up will include a "first look at Star Trek: Deep Space Nine in HD!"


COULD this be a precursor to getting DS9 on Blu-ray Disc, too? We certainly hope so! On the other hand, maybe it's just referring to an appearance of the station in one of the TNG episodes. Yeah...but then again "first look" also implies that this won't be your last look, either. Stay tuned, and we'll keep an eye on long-range sensors...


Source: TVShowsOnDVD


Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Could a New 'Trek' Be Coming to Blu-ray Disc?   Taken from: http://www.tvshowsondvd.com/news/Star-Trek-Deep-Space-Blu-rays-Planned/19841#ixzz335QHvhSg
The remastered USS Honshu - our first look at how a 1080p re-render of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine would fare. As Bonchune notes - The registry of the ship was changed at some point, but is easy to revert to the final aired version.
The remastered USS Honshu - our first look at how a 1080p re-render of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine would fare. As Bonchune notes - The registry of the ship was changed at some point, but is easy to revert to the final aired version.


May 11, 2013


Deep Space Nine in High Definition: One Step Closer?


Two years ago, fans thought it would be impossible that a show like Star Trek: The Next Generation could ever be remastered in high definition. Like spinoffs Deep Space Nine and VoyagerTNG was originally shot on film but subsequently edited at video resolution.


A key difference between TNG and later shows is its dependence on physical models over CG elements. This gave CBS a huge advantage in the remastering project, as the majority of 35mm footage of the physical models still existed in the Paramount vaults. Of course, different passes (model, matte, lighting elements etc.) of shots have to be recomposited, but this is a far less daunting prospect than having to reconstruct CG models from scratch.


On the few occasions where CG models were used in The Next Generation - the most notable being the Crystalline entity from "Datalore" and "Silicon Avatar" - Niel Wray and his CG team at CBS Digital have to start from scratch in building the elements. Any original files that may have been used to render the shot back in the day have long since been lost. As any CG artist will tell you, rendering shots in CG is complicated enough, but when you have to reproduce something, not only in appearance but in motion, the level of difficulty grows almost exponentially.


Considering a show like Deep Space Nine which relies so heavily on CG models (especially in the last two seasons), the task of reproducing 50 different CG ships following complicated flight paths, firing at each other and exploding left right and center in grand battle sequences would border on the impossible given time, financial and resource constraints in any DS9 Remastering project....


Now thé Star Trek site TrekCore comes with a story which shows that it might be possible after all that DS9 and Voyager could get a HD transfer after all! Read the complete story here.

Click on Picture to Enlarge!
Click on Picture to Enlarge!

February 7, 2013


Info 4CD Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Track Listing + Rear Cover art.


Last Friday we posted the first information on La-La Land Records' upcoming 4 Disc release of the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Soundtrack Collection. The set is scheduled to ship on February 12 and should retail for $49.98. The record label has issued some more information today including the fact that the set will be limited to 3,000 units and orders will be taken from 1pm on February 12 through their website, www.lalalandrecords.com.

In the meantime, La-La Land have sent us this first look of the rear cover.


The set contains music excerpted from episodes of all seven seasons with Disc 4 presenting a special "Lost Album" with a more complete collection of music from the episodes "Our Man Bashir", "Trials and Tribble-ations" and "What You Leave Behind". TrekCore is hoping to talk to some of the producers of the set soon, so stay tuned for more information! Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - The Collection is due for release on February 12, 2013 from La-La Land Records and will be priced at $49.98. The set can be ordered on release day at 1pm over at www.lalalandrecords.com.


Source: TrekCore 

February 3, 2013


Pre-Release Info Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 4CD Soundtrack Collection Artwork + Teaser News


La-La Land Records aren't ones for slowing down. The groundbreaking release of Star Trek: The Original Series - The Complete Soundtrack has barely been out two months and the label are already preparing to delight Trekkie music fans once again with the release of a 4 Disc Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Soundtrack Collection. The set is scheduled for release on February 12 and should retail for $49.98. Our friends over at La-La Land sent us this first look at the cover art for the upcoming release:


This collection brings together some of the finest cues from a whole range of different episodes taken from all seven seasons of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Previous releases from DS9 have been limited to the original pilot soundtrack album (Music from "Emissary"), released by GNP Crescendo Records in 1993 and music from two episodes of Season 4, "The Visitor" in The Best of Star Trek Volume 1 and "The Way of the Warrior" in The Best of Star Trek Volume 2, also from GNP Crescendo. This makes La-La Land's new set the largest collection of music from Deep Space Nine to date.


Similar to the Star Trek: The Next Generation Collection that the label put out last year, this set celebrates the different composers who worked on Deep Space Nine and is broadly divided into categories based on the composers:


•          Disc One features music by Dennis McCarthy including cues from episodes such as "Duet", "The Circle", "The Die is Cast", "Far Beyond the Stars" and many more.


•          Disc Two features music by Jay Chattaway with cues from episodes including "The Search", "Call to Arms", "The Changing Face of Evil" and many more.


•          Disc Three features the huge array of guest composers who worked on Deep Space Nine, titled "New Recruits" and showcases the works of John Debney, Richard Bellis, David Bell, Gregory Smith and Paul Baillargeon.


•          Disc Four sports the intriguing title of "The Lost Album" and puts the spotlight on three episodes with a fuller selection of cues from these episodes. All will be revealed soon, but I will tell you that the first episode on the disc is "Our Man Bashir"!


Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - The Collection is due for release on February 12, 2013 from La-La Land Records and will be priced at $49.98. The set can be ordered on release day at www.lalalandrecords.com


Source: TrekCore

January 3, 2013


Happy 20th Anniversary to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine


I'm a bit ashamed because while DS9 is my favorite Star Trek series, I forgot this week is it's 20th anniversary. Thanks to http://sciencefiction.com/ who triggered me! DS9 ran seven seasons, like TNG and Voyager but, for most people, it will always remain the lesser of the three which is, in my opinion, ludicrous! DS9 had it all, large ongoing story arcs, characters which were given a chance to evolve, exciting stories, a very interesting, multi layered enemy, the Dominion and of course some of the best recurring characters in tv history like Garak (Andrew Robinson), Weyoun (Jeffrey Combs), Dukat (Marc Alaimo) and Kai Winn (Louise Fletcher), and there are many more terrific characters.


This does not mean TNG and Voyager were bad, contrary, especially TNG is very good, I'm re-watching TNG again on blu-ray this time and it's fun, and also Voyager has had a good run, a bit more mediocre stories but all still more than okay. But I believe DS9 is vastly superior, it still holds up very well after 20 years even (re-watched it again last year). If you never given DS9 a chance, please do, it's very rewarding to watch it from season 1 through 7. It does have start up problems in it's first season but this is the case for TNG and Voyager as well. DS9 will forever one of my absolute favorite tv shows.

October 19, 2012


Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Star Gets her Own Audio Series!


Big Finish is delighted to announce that Chase Masterson, best known to science fiction fans for her role as Leeta in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (the Star Trek spin-off which ran from 1993-1999), will be getting her own audio series as the impossibly glamorous bounty hunter Vienna Salvatori.


Vienna makes her first appearance in the upcoming Doctor Who full cast audiobook The Shadow Heart, which stars Sylvester McCoy as the Seventh Doctor (he played the role on TV between 1987 to 1989, and reprised it in the TV Movie in 1996).


Titled simply Vienna, the new series launches with a pilot episode in February 2013 calledThe Memory Box, in which Vienna is on the run from the law, standing accused of murdering a rich industrialist – a crime she may or may not have committed. But is anything quite what it seems?


“In Vienna, Jonathan Morris has created a character who is smart, sexy and a great deal of fun,” says co-producer David Richardson. “And Chase just exudes charisma and star quality. When the two came together during the recording of The Shadow Heart, it soon became clear that we had something wonderful. “The script for The Memory Box is outstanding, and it’s our hope that the audience will embrace Vienna and a series will follow."


Vienna: The Memory Box is co-produced by Mark Wright, directed by Ken Bentley, with sound design and music by Jamie Robertson. Executive producers are Nicholas Briggs and Jason Haigh-Ellery. The first episode is available at a special low introductory price of £5 for both CD and download. It will increase to full price a month after release, so pre-order your copy now!

Fictional Blu-Ray Cover
Fictional Blu-Ray Cover

August 12, 2012


Star Trek: The Next Generation : Encouraging Initial Blu-Ray Sales Figures. A step closer to HD for DS9, VOY and ENT!


Aug 8, 2012: Initial TNG S1 Blu-Ray Sales Figures Are VERY Encouraging!
Box Office Data site The-Numbers.com has published some initial sales figures for the release of Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 1 on Blu-Ray. According to their estimates, the set sold a massive 95,435 copies in the first 5 days after release - and those figures are just for the U.S. market. These figures would seem indicate an initial income of well over $5.5m, a large chunk of the $9m which CBS invested in the first season remastering process.


Fans (and indeed the writing staff and stars) of Star Trek: The Next Generation often state that the show didn't 'find it's feet' until the third season, and so there was some concern that the first season would not sell as well due to many fans having a luke-warm attitude to it. These sales figures, thankfully, seem to contradict that prediction and are incredibly encouraging. CBS has been saying for a while now that the possibility of future Trek HD remasterings would be dictated by how strongly fans received the TNG sets and how many units they were able to sell... hopefully these numbers bring us all one step closer to HD transfers for Deep Space Nine and Voyager!


Source: http://www.trekcore.com/

DS9 on Blu-Ray?

July 14, 2012


CBS is Considering Releasing DS9 on Blu-Ray?


The last comments from Ryan Adams are particularly exciting [about 24 minutes into the interview]. This is the clearest news yet that CBS is actively thinking about the viability of a similar HD remastering project for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. So if you'd love to see DS9 make the jump to Blu-Ray (as I'm sure everybody would!) then be sure to make your desire vocal - because CBS is listening!


Source : http://tng.trekcore.com/


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