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A lot of books are written of the various Star Trek series, of course also for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. In essence, when season 7 ended, season 8 continued in pocket books! This started right after the TV Series ended and to this day DS9 pockets are being released and the books are all linked to each other, like in the episodes were in the TV series itself. This is called the "Relaunch". I mainly want to talk about the relaunch pockets here but I also will talk about DS9 books which do not fall under the "Relaunch" header! Those are books which are related to the "Relaunch" books, there are many more DS9 books written but I won't treat them here.


It should be noted that "Relaunch" is not an official over-arching title for the series. Pocket Books editor Marco Palmieri described the first duology, Avatar, as a "relaunch for the novels" without intending for the name to catch on. The creators of the books still dislike the term, preferring to refer to them as "post-finale novels," but the term has nevertheless caught on with readers and now is used to refer to not only the Deep Space Nine novels, but also the similar post-finale series inspired by The Next Generation, Voyager and Enterprise.


First book I re-posted is the novel "Hollow Men", a seguel to the fantastic DS9 episode In The Pale Moonlight. This book does not belong to the relaunch. Will post a complete list of the "Relaunch" pockets and also the pockets which have been released beside those.


My second update is an overview of the Relaunch pocket books, it's almost 30 books, last two haven't been released yet, will happen later this year. I will also add a "Related Stories" overview and I will highlight each book after that. I also added the Related Relaunch pocket books. 

Relaunch Pockers Books 1-11 (to be continued)

#11 Misson Gamma: Lesser Evil


Chaos erupts aboard Deep Space 9 as the crew begins a desperate search for a killer in their midst, catapulting Colonel Kira Nerys on a dangerous chase into the heart of the Federation. But the crime she seeks to avenge is part of a plot more ancient and far-reaching than anyone suspects, and that secret, if exposed, could divide worlds throughout the Alpha Quadrant.


Meanwhile, as the Starship Defiant makes its way back toward the wormhole and home to DS9, a startling discovery shakes Commander Elias Vaughn to his core and brings to light the truth behind the most tragic mission of his long life. As the crew struggles with the implications of what they've found, their captain's judgment comes into question...and casts doubt on the final outcome of their historic voyage through the Gamma Quadrant.


Background Information:

  • The Borg knew about the Gamma Quadrant and were interested in the Dominion and the changelings; however, the acquisition of this new knowledge collided with their war with Species 8472, resulting in a shift of priorities.
  • Asarem Wadeen is now Bajor's first minister.

This is definately my favourite Mission Gamma novel.

#10 Misson Gamma: Cathedral


As a small child, Jules Bashir underwent illegal genetic enhancements that forever altered the natural course of his life. As an adult, ever since the day he discovered what his parents had done, Dr. Julian Bashir has wondered what he might have become if "Jules" had been allowed to live, certain he would never know the answer.


But when the lure of a strange alien artifact in the Gamma Quadrant inexplicably begins to reverse Bashir's enhancements, the person he had thought long dead is given a second chance at life.


Ninety thousand light-years away, as the crew of Deep Space 9 tries to comprehend a shocking tragedy, Ro Laren makes a fateful decision about her life aboard the station. And although political maneuvering and failing diplomacy have already extinguished all hope of a real, lasting peace between Bajor and Cardassia, one man's search for his true calling may lay a new foundation for the future.


This, on contrary to novel two of Mission Gamma, I liked really well, great story but for the the fourth Mission Gamma novel was my absolute favourite.

#9 Misson Gamma: This Gray Spirit


The political intrigue aboard Deep Space 9 escalates when Gul Macet's warship arrives at the station with an unexpected passenger. Cardassian Ambassador Natima Lang has returned to the station on a mission of hope, but it's one that will bring back old wounds and old ghosts. As tensions rise on all sides, Colonel Kira Nerys discovers that the line between friend and foe is narrower than she ever imagined.


Elsewhere, the crew of the damaged Starship Defiant forges an uneasy alliance with an unusual alien species - one whose unique biological makeup is the key to the balance of power in that region of the Gamma Quadrant. As the crew becomes ensnared in a web of deceit, Lieutenant Ezri Dax and Ensign Thirishar ch'Thane struggle to stave off a genocidal civil war.


Background Information:

  • Thriss had a very close relationship to Shar, closer than to any of the other two bondmates - something which is unusual and considered unacceptable in Andorian culture.
  • Kira's upload of the old texts (see Avatar, Book Two) apparently had impact on some people, who are not followers of the Vedeks and the traditional Bajoran faith any more.

I read the book but I thought it was the most difficult one to read till now, could not go through it properly, it's the one and only DS9 book of which I skipped a part to go to the ending.

#8 Misson Gamma: Twilight


The time has come... for a new era of exploration. With the Dominion War behind them, the crew of the USS Defiant journeys through the wormhole as Commander Elias Vaughn leads a "corps of discovery" to blaze new trails into the unexplored reaches of the Gamma Quadrant.


The time has come... for a civilization to reach a crossroads. As political forces throughout the Alpha Quadrant intersect at Deep Space 9 to determine the future of Bajor, the planet's theological unity threatens to shatter. And for Colonel Kira Nerys, the path of the Prophets may become a road to ruin.


The time has come... for a father and daughter to confront their past while a mother and son fight for the future, for lovers to be tested and for friendships to transform, and for worlds on opposite ends of the galaxy to face the dusk ...or the dawn.


Background Information:

  • Bajor will soon join the Federation.
  • Ruriko, Elias Vaughn's wife, has died on an away mission he sent her on.

#7 Gateways: What Lay Beyond "Horn And Ivory


Created by the ancient Iconians, the Gateways offer instantaneous transport across unimaginable distances. Throughout the known galaxy, the sudden reactivation of the Gateways has destabilized interstellar relations – and forced several of Starfleet's finest commanders to leap through separate Gateways into the unknown.


Captain James T. Kirk of Star Trek: The Original Series. Captain Jean-Luc Picard of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Colonel Kira Nerys of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Captain Kathryn Janeway of Star Trek: Voyager. Captains Calhoun and Shelby of Star Trek: New Frontier. Captain Nick Keller of Star Trek: New Earth.


All of these heroes have taken the ultimate gamble: hurling themselves through a Gateway without any forewarning of what lay beyond. Now each must face his or her own unique challenge, while struggling to find a way back to the ships and homes left behind....`


Created by the ancient Iconians, the Gateways offer instantaneous transport across unimaginable distances. Throughout the known galaxy, the sudden reactivation of the Gateways has destabilized interstellar relations – and forced several of Starfleet's finest commanders to leap through separate Gateways into the unknown.


Captain James T. Kirk of Star Trek: The Original Series. Captain Jean-Luc Picard of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Colonel Kira Nerys of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Captain Kathryn Janeway of Star Trek: Voyager. Captains Calhoun and Shelby of Star Trek: New Frontier. Captain Nick Keller of Star Trek: New Earth.


All of these heroes have taken the ultimate gamble: hurling themselves through a Gateway without any forewarning of what lay beyond. Now each must face his or her own unique challenge, while struggling to find a way back to the ships and homes left behind....

#6 Gateways: Demons of Air And Darkness


Two weeks after the events told in Abyss... Scattered throughout the galaxy are Gateways which link star systems across unfathomable distances. The technology that built them has been lost for tens of millennia... but that doesn't mean that it can't be found again. Once they moved from world to world in a single step, through innumerable transdimensional gateways that spanned the galaxy. They were masters of space, and to those that feared them, they were demons of air and darkness. But long ago they left their empire and their miraculous technology behind.


Now the key has been rediscovered, and all the doors have been flung open. Open for exploration... or open for invasion. On a world near space station Deep Space Nine, Colonel Kira Nerys, her crew, and some unexpected allies fight to avert destruction on a planetary scale. Meanwhile Lieutenant Nog and Ensign Thirishar ch'Thane search for a way to shut down the portals forever; and behind the scenes Quark plays a dangerous game that could determine, once and for all, who wins control of the Gateways...


Background Information:

  • The Hirogen and the Jem'Hadar had encountered each other centuries ago.
Section 31

#5 Section 31: The Abyss


Section 31. They are the self-appointed protectors of the Federation. Amoral, shrouded in secrecy, answerable to no one, Section 31 is the mysterious covert operations division of Starfleet, a rogue shadow group committed to safeguarding the Federation at any cost.


Mere days after the startling events of Avatar, Doctor Julian Bashir faces his darkest nightmare when Section 31 compels him to undertake a mission to stop one of their own. But this renegade is no ordinary agent. Like Bashir, Dr. Ethan Locken is genetically enhanced, a Human superior in body and mind. But Locken dreams of remaking the galaxy in his own image – and creating a new human empire based on the example of the infamous Khan Noonien Singh.


And as he begins to understand the terrifying truth about his opposite number, Bashir will learn more about himself than he ever wanted.


Background Information:

  • Co-author David Weddle co-wrote the episode which introduced Section 31 - the sixth season episode "Inquisition".
  • In this novel, it is revealed that Section 31 was in truth responsible for the events told in Star Trek: Insurrection.
  • An editorial collaboration occurred between this story and Greg Cox's Star Trek: The Eugenics Wars: "The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh, Volume 2". The description of Khan's flag was used in both works.

#4 Avatar (Book Two)


As the Federation prepares to launch a counterstrike against the Dominion, Colonel Kira Nerys searches for a way to prevent another galactic holocaust. But when a newly discovered prophecy propels Jake Sisko on an impossible quest and threatens to plunge all of Bajor into chaos, Kira is forced to choose between being true to her faith... and being true to herself.


Meanwhile, as the combined crews of Deep Space 9 and the Starship Enterprise struggle to stop a terrorist plot to destroy the station and the ship, lives change, new friendships are forged, and the shocking truth behind a grisly murder is revealed.


Background Information:


  • Elias Vaughn is the new second-in-command on Deep Space 9.


  • Odo has sent a Jem'Hadar to Deep Space 9; he is to learn from the Human beings there, and assist colonel Kira.


#3 Avatar (Book One)


In the aftermath of a war that brought the Alpha Quadrant to the brink of destruction, Starbase Deep Space 9 – the galaxy's nexus of scientific and military intrigue – is once more the flashpoint of impending Armageddon as a surprise attack cripples the station, killing hundreds and threatening the fragile new peace.


Colonel Kira Nerys and the survivors – together with several controversial new officers – are all who stand against the outbreak of a new war and a terrible doom tied to the unborn child of Captain Benjamin Sisko.


Elsewhere, Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the starship Enterprise make a startling discovery... one that will affect the destiny of an entire civilization and forever change the lives of those aboard Deep Space 9.



Background Information:


  • This book marks the first installment of the "Relaunch" series, following events aboard the station after the final episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, "What You Leave Behind".


  • The beginning of the book features an extensive chronology detailing events up to the end of the Deep Space Nine series.


  • Kira Nerys is now in charge of the station; several positions were newly assigned, including first officer, science officer, security officer, and chief of operations.


  • B'hala is listed on the title page as the location of one of Pocket Books' offices.

#2 A Stitch in Time


The enigmatic Garak - Cardassian-in-exile on space station Deep Space Nine - refers to himself as "just a simple tailor", but everyone knows that there's more to him than that. Why was he banished from his home planet? And why does he choose exile on Deep Space Nine? This novel answers these questions, as well as detailing the role he plays in the reconstruction of Cardassian society following the Dominion War.


For nearly a decade Elim Garak has longed for just one thing – to go home. Exiled on a space station, surrounded by aliens who loathe and distrust him, going back to Cardassia has been Garak's one dream. Now, finally, he is home. But home is a world whose landscape is filled with death and destruction. Desperation and dust are constant companions and luxury is a glass of clean water and a warm place to sleep.


Ironically, it is a letter from one of the aliens on that space station, Dr. Julian Bashir, that inspires Garak to look at the fabric of his life. Elim Garak has been a student, a gardener, a spy, an exile, a tailor, even a liberator. It is a life that was charted by the forces of Cardassian society with very little understanding of the person, and even less compassion.


But it is the tailor that understands who Elim Garak was, and what he could be. It is the tailor who sees the ruined fabric of Cardassia, and who knows how to bring this ravaged society back together. This is strange, because a tailor is the one thing Garak never wanted to be. But it is the tailor whom both Cardassia and Elim Garak need. It is the tailor who can put the pieces together, who can take a stitch in time.


Background Information:


  • This book is written by Andrew Robinson, who played Elim Garak in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Robinson recalled the process which lead to the writing of the novel: " I started writing about Garak because, coming to the Star Trek franchise and being cast as an alien, a Cardassian, I had no idea what that was. I barely know about human beings. But then suddenly to be cast as an alien... it was a challenge. So I decided to write about the character and create the world of the character and I did this in the form of a diary that Garak kept: every day he would write about his experiences and so forth. And then I started going to conventions, like this one, and I started reading from the diary and the fans, the audiences loved it. So I started writing more, and I started crafting it more and, like a lot of people, I've always wanted to write a novel! That's when I started working into a novel. Then the people at Simon and Schuster, the publisher, agreed to let me do it, and it was a bit of a big deal because I was the first actor to write a novel without what they call a ghost writer, or with someone else writing it for me. Because I wanted to write it by myself, I didn't want anybody else writing it."


  • The novel, along with the anthology The Lives of Dax, was later retroactively inserted into the ongoing "DS9 relaunch" series, which commenced the following year.


  • Among other plot points, the book reveals that Mila was Garak's mother, recalls Garak's days at the Obsidian Order's training academy, and recounts how Garak came to be assigned to the Cardassian embassy on Romulus (and why his cover was being a gardener). The book also further develops the backstories of the Oralian Way and the animosity between Garak and Dukat.


Very good read, book which, of course, describes the life of Garak. Three stories are intertwined which makes it very interesting. Three timeperiods:

1. When he is sill very young and is being send educational institution, this runs through the entire book, up until te withdrawl of the Cardassians from Terok Nor.

2. Mainly about the his stay on DS9 during the last season, where Garak helps the Federation in cracking Cardassian/Dominion codes.

3. About the period after the War between the Dominion/Cardassia and The Federation when the rebuilding starts.

#1 The Lives of Dax


Three hundred fifty-seven years. Nine lives. One soul. Mother, father, engineer, ambassador, scientist, statesman, serial killer, Starfleet officer: At one time or another, Dax has been all of these things and more. The near-immortal part of a composite species known as the Trill, Dax is a sentient, wormlike symbiont joined body and mind to a succession of humanoid hosts, carrying the memories of each lifetime into the next. Each incarnation is different. Each has its own personality, its own triumphs, its own tragedies, its own dreams. And each one... is Dax.


Here for the first time are tales from the lives of one of the most unique and compellingStar Trek characters ever created, told by voices as diverse as the hosts themselves:Steven Barnes, Michael Jan Friedman, L.A. Graf, Jeffrey Lang, S.D. Perry, Judith andGarfield Reeves-Stevens, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Robert Simpson, and Susan Wright.


Much more than an anthology, this unique collection of stories weaves the tapestry of one being's life... through three and a half centuries of history in the Star Trek universe.

Imagine who she's known. Imagine what he's seen.


Background Information:


  • This anthology, along with A Stitch in Time, was retroactively inserted into the ongoing "DS9 relaunch"; making it, technically, the first release in that series. To make this clearer, the anthology was reprinted in mass market paperback format with the new logo representing the relaunch series.


Have not yet have the chance to read it myself, because it was hard to get as a paperback. I recently purchased a Kindle, which will solve this problem

Relaunch Pocket Book Overview


1. The Lives of Dax

2. #27 - A Stitch In Time

3. Avatar Book One

4. Avatar Book Two

5. Section 31: The Abyss

6. Gateways: #4 Demons and Darkness

7. Gateways: What Lay Beyond:

    Horn and Ivory

8. Mission Gamma: #1 Twilight

9. Mission Gamma: #2 This Gray Spirit

10. Mission Gamma: #3 Cathedral

11. Mission Gamma: #4 Lesser Evil

12. Rising Son

13. Left Hand of Destiny Book One

14. Left Hand of Destiny Book Two

15. Unity


Worlds of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

16. #1 Cardassia: The Lotus Flower and Andor: Paradigm

17. #2 Trill: Unjoined and Bajor: Fragments and Omens

18. #3 The Dominion: Olympus Descending and Ferenginar:

Satisfaction Is Not Guaranteed


19. Warpath

20. Fearful Symmetry

21. The Soul Key

22. The Never-ending Sacrifice


Typhon Pact

23. Zero Sum Game

24. Rough Beats Empire

25. Plagues of Night

26. Raise the Dawn


27. Star Trek: The Fall: Revelation and Dust

28. Star Trek: The Fall: A Ceremony of Losses

29. Lust's Latinum Lost (and Found) (eBook)

30. Star Trek: Section 31: Disavowed* (October 28, 2014)

31. The Missing* (December 30, 2014)


*Not yet released


Related Relaunch Stories Overview

Tales of the Dominion War


The Dominion War

  • Call To Arms
  • Sacrifice of Angels


Hollow Men


Star Trek: Starfleet Corps of Engineers:


#6: Cold Fusion


Millennium (omnibus)

  • The Fall Of Terok Nor
  • The War Of The Prophets
  • Inferno


Star Trek: Terok Nor

  • Day of the Vipers
  • Night of the Wolves
  • Dawn of the Eagles


Star Trek: Mirror Universe

  • Obsidian Alliances: Saturn's Children


Seven Deadly Sins: "Reservoir Ferengi", "Freedom Angst"


Typhon Pact: Brinkmanship


Prophecy And Change

Hollow Men - Sequel to the DS9 episode : In the Pale Moonlight


Hollow Men : For many DS9 fans "In The Pale Moonlight" probably is one of there favorite episodes. "It's a FAAAKE" is probably the first thing fans think about when this episode is mentioned. In 2005 a sequel has been written to the episode, a sequel in pocketbook form, highly recommended! See below the summary:


At the turning point of the Dominion War, Captain Benjamin Sisko, facing certain defeat by the overwhelming and relentless forces of the Dominion, initiated a secret plan to secure the aid of the Romulans, the Federation's longtime adversaries. What began as a desperate attempt to save lives became a descent into an abyss of deception, moral compromise and outright criminal acts, as Sisko became compelled to sacrifice every ideal he believed in - in order to preserve those same ideals.


In "HOLLOW MEN" the aftermath of those events is explored as Sisko returns to Earth to answer for his actions. But to his surprise, no one intends to punish him. The course he took is viewed instead as a necessary and lesser evil which may yet prove to be the salvation of the Federation way of life. But Sisko's own conscience haunts him, and as he continues to seek some kind of penance for what he has done, opportunists within Starfleet itself set in motion a scheme which uses his actions as a springboard from which the Federation will emerge from the war as an imperial power.


Star Trek, May 2005 

Mass Market Paperback, 368 pages

ISBN-10: 0-7434-9151-3 

ISBN-13: 978-0-7434-9151-8 

The summaries taken from: Memory Alpha

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