Voyager soundtrack

February 19, 2017


More STAR TREK: DS9, VOYAGER Soundtracks On the Way


La La Land's next Star Trek soundtrack will be released shortly (February 28th), of course the first volume of Star Trek: Voyager, but La La Land are also planning more future Star Trek releases in the coming 18 months!


My personal favorite is of course Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, the first volume was released 2013 and now 4 years later the second volume finally is on the horizon, in the third quarter of this year Volume II of DS9 will be released by La La Land if all goes as planned. A volume II of Voyager is planned the first quarter of 2018, see overview below:


  • DS9 Volume 2 – 3rd qtr 2017
  • Voyager Volume 2 – 1st qtr 2018

[Score for ‘Voyager’ finale’] Endgame will be on Vol 2. Had to save something.


Unknown Trek collection featuring:


  • Disc 1 – TNG – leftovers
  • Disc 2 – DS9 – leftovers
  • Disc 3 – Voyager – leftovers
  • Disc 4 – Enterprise – leftovers

Probably by Summer 2018 we will be saying our final goodbye to Trek. I think roughly after 9 CDs from each series we will have covered just about all the amazing music from this incredible universe.


Source: TrekCore

Voyager soundtrack

February 3, 2017


STAR TREK: VOYAGER Soundtrack Arriving This Month @ LaLaLand Records!


Fans have been waiting for it for some while now, a few years back it already was announced by La La Land records, and now it's finally here!


Perhaps not for everybody but I know there will be a lot of Voyager fans who want this in their collection.


It will be released on February 28th and only 3000 copies have been produced so if you want it, be sure to get it as quickly as possible. This is a 4-disc set, the first Voyager soundtrack since the original “Caretaker” release back in 1995.


Besides this new Voyager soundtrack, LaLaLand Records has more Star Trek soundtracks you can purchase, Click on link above to see in detail or on the picture below.


Source: Trekcore

Fictional Blu-Ray Cover
Fictional Blu-Ray Cover

August 12, 2012


Star Trek: The Next Generation : Encouraging Initial Blu-Ray Sales Figures. A step closer to HD for DS9, VOY and ENT!


Aug 8, 2012: Initial TNG S1 Blu-Ray Sales Figures Are VERY Encouraging!
Box Office Data site has published some initial sales figures for the release of Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 1 on Blu-Ray. According to their estimates, the set sold a massive 95,435 copies in the first 5 days after release - and those figures are just for the U.S. market. These figures would seem indicate an initial income of well over $5.5m, a large chunk of the $9m which CBS invested in the first season remastering process.


Fans (and indeed the writing staff and stars) of Star Trek: The Next Generation often state that the show didn't 'find it's feet' until the third season, and so there was some concern that the first season would not sell as well due to many fans having a luke-warm attitude to it. These sales figures, thankfully, seem to contradict that prediction and are incredibly encouraging. CBS has been saying for a while now that the possibility of future Trek HD remasterings would be dictated by how strongly fans received the TNG sets and how many units they were able to sell... hopefully these numbers bring us all one step closer to HD transfers for Deep Space Nine and Voyager!



Robert Picard wants in Star Trek 3

June 29, 2012


Voyager star Robert Picardo asked Abrams for part in Star Trek 3


Leonard Nimoy's old Spock served as a bridge between J.J. Abrams' new Star Trek and the original series, and there are rumors he could pop up in the sequel as well. But now another Trek alum is making a play for a spot in the new universe—and he's already pitched Abrams personally.


Robert Picardo, who played the Doctor in Star Trek: Voyager, is hopeful he might get a chance to return in a future Abrams Trek sequel, as filming has already wrapped on Star Trek 2. He told the UK Press Association:


"Well, it's always possible that they'll use one of us. I've met JJ, he was very kind and complimentary to me, and I know he watched the show because he's a fan of Star Trek. Nothing is impossible."


Picardo had nothing but good things to say about the recent Trek revival, and he noted that the new films seem to be dredging up a lot of interest in the old series:


"What's wonderful about Star Trek having been rebooted so successfully by the JJ Abrams movie franchise, is that the corollary effect is that it creates a new generation of fans, and they're interested in all of it. They don't just sit around and wait for the next movie to come out, they'll go back and re-examine episodes."


Picardo is a sci-fi legend, and had a lengthy stint on Stargate, in addition to dozens of films.

Would you like to see some more former Trekkies pop up in the new series, or was Nimoy enough?


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