Starhunter (later Starhunter 2300) is a Canadian science fiction television series that aired for two seasons. The series was produced in Canada by The Danforth Studios Ltd. (a D'or/Jackson Company) in association with Alliance Atlantis with some photography in the United Kingdom. Grosvenor Park Productions UK Ltd. was the co-producer from the United Kingdom, and Le Sabre SA, an affiliate of Canal+, was the French co-producer, with major unofficial German participation by Das Werk.


In season one, Starhunter starred Michael Paré, Tanya Allen, Claudette Roche and featured Murray Melvin and Stephen Marcus. In season two Clive RobertsonDawn Stern and Paul Fox were added to the cast, while the original actors except Allen and Stephen Marcus were dropped. Reputedly contrary to the wishes of the series creators, the investors in the second season blocked the return of Paré and replaced Melvin.


Season one was nominated by the Directors Guild of Canada for a Best Production Design award, and for a "Spaceys Award" by Space: The Imagination Station.

The first run of the first season aired in Canada, from 1 November 2000 to 28 March 2001. Starhunter was syndicated in the United States by Western Television Syndicators, going to air in the fall of 2002. The first season continues to re-run in many territories. The second season had its first run in Canada from 9 August 2003 to 3 April 2004.


The name of the series was changed in the second season to Starhunter 2300, although in the US, both seasons share the same title. For the first season, special effects were handled by Das Werk from Germany, and for season two were taken over by Optix Digital Pictures in Toronto, Canada. The show's opening credits theme in the first season was composed by Donald Quan and in the second by Peter Gabriel.


Premise :


Starhunter follows the exploits of the crew of a retired luxury-liner refitted to serve a bounty-hunting crew, led by Dante Montana (Paré). The owning company's name "Trans-Utopia Cruiseship HHS", was painted on her side but has faded, leaving some letters readable while obliterating others. The letters that remain have become her nickname, so she is casually known as "Trans Utopian" or "Tulip".


The show did not continue in production after season two despite pre-orders from US, European, Canadian and Pacific Rim broadcasters for a third season, leaving the story at a cliffhanger: In the season finale, Tulip is trapped in hyperspace. As the countdown to implement the crew's desperate measure to return to the normal universe reaches zero, the show cuts to black and the credits roll.


Starhunter (2300)

Starhunter season 2 [also known as Starhunter 2300] theme

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