December 26, 2015


Starhunter - A possible new Season (3) in 2016 and the first two seasons remastered for new DVD release!


I have to admit, I watched about 7 episodes of the first season of Starhunter about 8 years ago or so and I wasn't really impressed, even worse, I stopped watching after 7 episodes because I thought it was really bad. Still I have always been curious about Starhunter 2300 (season 2) because the footage I did see on You Tube, looked way better than the first season to me. Still I have never been able to see Starhunter 2300 so I cannot say for sure.


Last week I read an article on TVShowsOnDVD that there are plans for a season 3 in 2016 and also the intention of re-releasing the first two seasons on DVD, remastered. So even if I think the first season is mediocre to say the least, I am interested in season 3 and the possibility of Starhunter 2300 on DVD in a re-release. There is also a video where Michael Paré tells us what (hopefully) is about to happen! Read full article below from TvShowsOnDVD:


From 2000 to 2001, Starhunter starred Michael Paré as "Dante Montana" in 22 episodes. Then, from 2003 to 2004, Clive Robertson starred as "Travis Montana" in Starhunter 2300, the second season of the show. Both co-starred Tanya Allen as "Percy Montana" and Stephen Marcus as "Rudolpho deLuna." Each of those seasons have had previous DVD releases in North America from such diverse studios as Platinum/Echo Bridge, Alliance Home Entertainment, and RLJ Entertainment's Image brand.

Now reader Carol Land has alerted us (thank you kindly!) that in additional to plans for a new, third season of the show ("Starhunter Transformation," apparently once again starring Michael Paré), that "The producers of the TV series Starhunter and Starhunter 2300 are planning to release a remastered 'Creator's Cut' of the 44 episodes of the two series." She confirms this by pointing us toward a video posted a while ago to, which we've embedded below. It's primarily about the 22 new episodes in-the-works, but begins by mentioning the previous 44 being together for the first time. See for yourself:

This is very early information, with no assurances of DVD plans for certain, but looks very promising for fans. Stay tuned for updates, as further developments occur!

January 2, 2014


Canadian Sci-Fi Series 'Starhunter' to Relaunch as Web Series


I know probably a lot of people have never heard this show before, the first season was aired in 2000/2001 season and the second season (as Starhunter 2300), with a different crew, mostly, was in 2003/2004 on the air. I haven't seen the second season myself although I hear (on forums and such) it's much better than the first.


I've purchased the first season myself but stopped watching after 7 episodes, could not go further with it, I thought it was really bad. But now it seems this show is gonna return as a webseries. See post below, item is from September 2013:


Starfield Indie has acquired control of the worldwide franchise rights to the TV show, which ran for two seasons, in 2001 and 2003.


TORONTO - Starhunter, the Canadian sci-fi series that ran for two seasons a decade ago, is being resurrected as a web series and multiplatform project. Toronto-based Starfield Indie on Monday said it has acquired control of the worldwide Starhunter franchise rights and plans to produce 26 webisodes, eight to 15 minutes each, in November.


And the series' original creators, Daniel D’or and Philip Jackson, Starfield president of production and development, will work with writer Nelu Ghiran to relaunch the brand. Starhunter, a Canada-UK-France co-production that ran for two seasons, or 44 episodes, in 2000/01 and 2003/04, starred Michael Pare, Clive Robertson and Tanya Allen.


The series had Pare and Robertson playing the lead roles of bounty hunters in the years 2275 and 2300. Starfield Indie's Jackson negotiated the deal for the franchise rights with Richard Sniderman, a principal at Green Opal, which had aggregated the Starhunter rights.


The relaunch of Starhunter is expected to include an online Starhunter game, four graphic novels to be written by David Tischman, and HD versions of the original TV episodes.


Sources: The Hollywood Reporter & The Musings and Gleanings of a SciFiChick (FB)

Starhunter - Region 1 & 2 DVD Release!

North-American Release of season 1 & 2
North-American Release of season 1 & 2


Starhunter - Season 1 - Has been released in North America, as complete season, is a region 1 release but the first season also has been released in Germany. In Germany however the season has been split in two parts. Releases in both countries do not have any subtitles on it, the German release does have an English soundtrack.


Starhunter - Season 2 [Starhunter 2300] - Has only been released in North America till now, no news at this time if season 2 als gets a release in Germany. Like the first season this release does not come with any kind of subtitles unfortunately. 


I watched the first 7 episodes of season 1 myself and I have to say, I didn't think it was any good! Still I read negative but also positive reviews on amazon, so it can go either way for you! I also read that the second season is a huge improvement, however, I haven't seen it yet.


German Release of season 1
German Release of season 1

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  • #1

    pioupiouka (Thursday, 29 December 2016 07:14)

    Pourquoi il n'y a pas de sous-titres en français de la série Strarhunter saison 2


  • #2

    SF Series and Movies (Wednesday, 04 January 2017 16:07)

    Probably so that the release can be created as cheap as possible.

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