TekWar - The Complete Series - DVD Release

TekWar - The Complete Series

The TV show of William Shatner ran for only 1 season, after 4 telemovies which were created first. The movies were produced in 1994 and the series in 1995-1996. The series is very hard to purchase complete on DVD. It has only been released in North America till now, as far as I know. Beware! The US release contains of only the series itself, the 4 movies are not included! This release is verified to be all regions, according to amazon.com. No subtitles on the US release. The Canadian release though, is complete! All 4 movies and the complete series in one 7 disc box. It has English and French language and also English and French subtitles. The Canadian release probably also is all regions but cannot I verify that. So the best deal is definately the Canadian release.


Update: Recently I purchased the Canadian release and I have to disappoint people who are thinking of buying it because it suppose to have subtitles but unfortunately, there are none! I've been misinformed, a reviewer wrote it on amazon but it's not the case! Another unfortunate detail I have to tell you is that William Shatner is only 1/3 of the episodes present.


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