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November 27, 2012


Terra Nova Limited Steelbook DVD Release in The Netherlands!


At the moment Terra Nova The Complete Series has been released in The Netherlands as a steelbook! This is quite rare here that a tv series is being released in a steelbook. Don't know how long this limited edition is available though.


Extra Info About this release:


Language: English/French [Dolby Digital 5.1]

Subtitles: Dutch, English & French

Region: 2

Menu: Dutch, English & French

4 Discs


Special Features:


  • Deleted & Added Scenes
  • Commentaries
  • Director's Diaries - Making the Pilot
  • The Dinosaurs of Terra Nova
  • Mysteries Explored

September 25, 2012


Terra Nova Boss Says We Could have Seen Smart Dino's and More!


Despite decent ratings, Fox decided to pull the plug on the big-budget time-travel drama Terra Nova last season. The worst part? The season finale was arguably the best episode yet, and set up some great cliffhangers. Luckily, former producer Brannon Braga has opened up about what could have been.


In an interview with Media Geek Network about the second season that could-have-been, Braga revealed that his team already had a "season two bible" written, and the entire season was mapped out and ready to go. All they needed was a green light. So what was up the pike? Everything from super-smart dinosaurs to an internal battle for control over the colony itself:


"The stuff out in the badlands, [there's] still an army out there, but we were going to find they were being massacred by what could be the possible next step in evolution for the dinosaurs. Highly intelligent dinosaurs, which we do know existed in that time ... but done believably.Then a big showdown, and Taylor was going to go crazy ... The main source of conflict would be between Taylor and Jim Shannon, and a battle for control of the colony and how to deal with these new dangers."


Source: http://blastr.com/

September 17, 2012


Terra Nova The Complete Series on DVD Trailer!


May 22, 2012

Terra Nova - UK DVD Release
Terra Nova - UK DVD Release


Terra Nova - Region 1 & 2 DVD release


Release date [US] September 11, 2012  

Release date [UK] September 24, 2012

Release date [GER] October 12, 2012

Release date [FR] November 1, 2012


The UK Blu-Ray release is cancelled due to the series cancellation no doubt. The DVD is still scheduled for release in September of this year in the UK. Terra Nova's complete series is also scheduled for release in Germany and France. On the UK release the following subtitles are available: English, Danish, Finnish. Perhaps more but these are confirmed.


Terra Nova's Complete Series is also announced in North America, Blu-Ray has never been announced there. Regarding the subtitles of the North American DVD release: English, French, Spanish.

May 6, 2012

Blu-Ray UK release Terra Nova Season 1 cancelled!



December last year a Blu-Ray release was announced in the UK, see few post below this. It was to be released on September 24, 2012. At that time it was not clear if Terra Nova would get a second season or if it was going to be cancelled.


In March 2012 it became clear Terra Nova was cancelled, no season 2! Apparently this also influenced the UK Blu-Ray release because this has been cancelled also, they probably think it will not bring in sufficient sales because Terra Nova is no more.


March 20, 2012

Does Jason O'Mara's new gig mean Terra Nova is definitely dead?

Jason O'Mara Terra Nova
Jason O'Mara


When FOX recently declared Terra Nova extinct, a lot of fans were left devastated that the sci-fi show was canceled. Then a glimmer of hope arose when it was made clear the Spielberg-led series would be shopped to other networks, and even more so when it was rumored that Netflix may be interested in picking it up.


But with this casting news, it's looking like the ax may be swinging even closer than we thought for Terra Nova's jugular. Main star Jason O'Mara, who played good cop and family man Jim Shannon on the series, has reportedly just nabbed himself a co-leading role in CBS' upcoming high-profile period drama—set in the 1960s—about a former rodeo cowboy turned longtime sheriff of Las Vegas called Ralph Lamb. Lamb will be played by actor Dennis Quaid (in his very first foray into serial TV), while O'Mara is set to play Lamb's younger brother, Frank.


We may all be excused in thinking that with this news, things have gotten even more grim for Terra Nova. Actually, they haven't. Not really. Let's just say: Don't count your dino eggs just yet, 'cause there's still some hope, my young padawans! Why is that?

Because this is apparently a "second position booking" for O'Mara, meaning that if Terra Nova DOES indeed get picked up by any network, the Irish actor will have to go back to dinosaur hunting. What do you think? Is there still some hope for Terra Nova just yet, despite this casting news? Or do you think the death toll is ringing even louder than before for the sci-fi series?


Source : http://blastr.com/

March 8, 2012

Netflix Eyes Cancelled Drama ‘Terra Nova’

Netflix Eyes Cancelled Drama ‘Terra Nova’
Netflix Eyes Cancelled Drama ‘Terra Nova’

Netflix is already bringing back one cancelled 20th Century Fox TV series, the Emmy-winning Arrested Development. Now the video streaming giant is taking a look at another, drama Terra Nova. I hear that 20th TV and Netflix have been in talks about keeping the pre-historic drama alive. My sources stress that the conversations are preliminary and it is unclear if they will materialize into a negotiation, but for fans of the series left heartbroken by Fox’s decision on Monday not to pick it up for a second season, this is still encouraging news. Immediately after Fox made its cancellationdecision, 20th TV made it clear that it would try hard to find a new home for the series and shop it to other networks.


It would make a sense for Terra Nova, a Top 10 DVR gainer, to get a second life on a streaming service like Netflix. During its freshman run, the series ‘ 18-49 rating grew on average 44% in Live+7 vs. Live+Same say. In Live+7, the drama starring Jason O’Mara logged a respectable 3.6/9 among adults 18-49. 20th TV, which declined comment, too has an incentive to keep Terra Nova alive as the series, featuring CGI dinosaurs and branded with executive producer Steven Spielberg’s name, is a big international seller.


But making a second season of a big-budget series like Terra Nova work financially without a lucrative broadcast network license fee would be very challenging. Yet, 20th and Netflix already reached an agreement once on a high-end show, a new season of Arrested Development, so while not very likely, a deal for Terra Nova won’t be impossible. Keep the faith, fans….


Source : http://www.deadline.com/

March 6, 2012

Terra Nova is Cancelled by FOX!

Terra Nova Cancelled
Terra Nova Cancelled


Yes, it’s truewe have just learned that Fox will not be carrying on with a second season for Terra Nova


But it’s also true, according to Deadline, that 20th Century Fox TV, which produces the series, will be shopping the series to other networks. So don’t abandon hope just yet; theSteven Spielberg-produced series starring Jason O’Mara and Stephen Lang did reasonably well here, and had strong international sales. Plus, we want to see what happens next, so come on, someone. We’ll keep you posted.


Source : http://scifimafia.com/


December 21, 2011

Does Terra Nova locking down its stars mean renewal is on the way?

Even though Terra Nova just wrapped up its first season, and the word has yet to come down as to whether the Steven Spielberg executive-produced show will get a second, Fox and the show's producers are preparing for the future by making sure that its stars don't go anywhere.



Time is of the essence, as the cast's contracts come up for renewal on Dec. 31—so Fox is moving quickly to sign Jason O'Mara and Stephen Lang for a second season ... just to be sure. Terra Nova's got to get up and running quickly if they're going to make a September 2012 premiere: In order to allow time for the elaborate special effects, filming needs to start in April, and the writing will have to begin even earlier.


To that end, executive producers (and Star Trek veterans) Brannon Braga and Rene Echevarria are looking for some "high-level" writers to join the staff—hopefully to help bolster what some have seen as the show's major failing: the storytelling. Deadline seems to think that, despite the show's low ratings and high budget, Terra Nova's still a valuable asset and Fox will announce a second season sometime in January.


Question is: Do you want more Terra Nova, or was one season enough?


Source : http://blastr.com/

December 9, 2011

Terra Nova - Season 1 [Blu-ray]


Release date [UK] September 24, 2012


It's a long way to go but the release of "Terra Nova - Season One" has been announced in the UK! In September 2012 this release is expected on Blu Ray and DVD. Of course not much is yet known about this release and should Terra Nova be cancelled, which is a huge possibility, the covert art will have to be adjusted to "Complete Series"


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Comments: 2
  • #1

    william ruth (Wednesday, 19 December 2012 21:20)

    why in the world did fox kill Terra Nova; The Best new Sci-Fi series on TV. Is Fox in Death
    Wish mode?
    However made this choice for Fox should be fired. You can still get on board with your viewersby filming for the second half of this season. don't be penny wise and pound foolish

  • #2

    sfseriesenfilms (Wednesday, 19 December 2012 23:13)

    It's indeed pity, it had so much potential. I think second season would have really been awesome.

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