The After is an American science fiction drama series created by Chris Carter for Amazon Studios. Along with Bosch, the premiere episode was one of two drama pilots Amazon streamed online in early 2014. Viewers were allowed to offer their opinions about the pilot before the studio decided whether or not to place a series order. The pilot was ordered in August 2013 and made available for free online viewing beginning on February 6, 2014. On March 12, Amazon ordered The After to series.




Although story elements are being kept mostly under wraps, Amazon describes the series as a post-apocalyptic drama centered on eight strangers who must work together in order to survive in a violent, unpredictable new world.


Last year (2014) Amazon picked up a first season of 10 episodes but last month, January 2015, Amazon cancelled the project so The After has officially been cancelled before it began.

Update: January 5, 2015 Amazon decided not to go forward with the 10-episode first season.

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