The Burning Zone

The Burning Zone is a television sci-fi/drama broadcast on the UPN network as part of its 1996–97 lineup. It ran for 19 episodes. The series was rerun on SciFi Channel in the mid-to-late 1990s.


The Burning Zone featured a team of American agents who could be almost instantly dispatched almost anywhere in the world to fight biological warfare and naturally occurring biohazards. The series is believed[by whom?] to be cashing in on the success of biological disaster movies like Outbreak. There was a villainous organization known as "The Dawn" that was responsible for some of the threats the team faced. The members of "The Dawn" were shadowy and never fully exposed but their goals and aims were clear: To allow disease and pestilence of a biological nature restore the Earth by rendering extinct the most virulent pestilence of all—mankind.




Dr. Daniel Cassian is appointed by the White House to lead a small top secret federal biological task force of leading scientists to investigate and prevent potential biological disasters. The team also adopt Cassian's secret agenda to track down and identify the scientists and others behind the ultra secret, pernicious organisation known only as 'The Dawn' whose objective is to rid the planet of its most virulent infestation, the human race!


No DVD Release:


Till this day "The Burning Zone" has never been released on DVD. If there is a chance in hell this would ever happen, it probably would be through DVD on Demand or the Shout! Factory.


The Burning Zone

Season 1 (The Complete Series)


1.01 Pilot
1.02 The Silent Tower
1.03 St. Michael's Nightmare
1.04 Arms of Fire
1.05 Night Flight
1.06 Lethal Injection
1.07 Touch of the Dead
1.08 Hall of the Serpent
1.09 Blood Covenant
1.10 Faces in the Night
1.11 Midnight of the Carrier
1.12 Critical Mass
1.13 Death Song
1.14 The Last Endless Summer
1.15 The Last Five Pounds are the Hardest
1.16 Elegy For a Dream
1.17 A Secret in the Neighborhood
1.18 Wild Fire
1.19 On Wings of Angels


The Burning Zone

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