The Chronicle

The Chronicle is a science fiction television series on the Sci Fi Channel (later renamed Syfy) which ran from July 2001 until March 2002. The series is based on the "News from the Edge" series of novels (Ex. "Vampires from Vermont") by Mark Sumner, a St. Louis, Missouri based author. The show was originally sold to NBC, which shot the pilot, then later found a home with The Sci-Fi Channel.




Tucker Burns is a qualified reporter who can't get a job. He applies for a job at the World Chronicle, where they are delighted to have an over-qualified (by their standards!) reporter on staff. It turns out that all the stories the Chronicle reports are true, but written as tabloid articles so that the public can slowly get acclimated to such things. Aided by photographer Wes and alien abductee/reporter Grace, and backed by his mysterious boss Donald Stern, Tucker investigates, ghosts, aliens, and other supernatural phenomena.




In the 11th episode of the 1st season, "Touched by an Alien", a reporter at the staff meeting mentions a government-sponsored Invisible Man project. This is a reference to another SciFi Channel production, The Invisible Man, which shared a building in the San Fernando Valley as well as many crew members and extras. The "invisible locusts ate my crops" tabloid in the final episode ("The New Stuff") of The Invisible Man was meant to be a copy of The Chronicle, but the Network never replied to writer 'Craig Silverstein''s suggestion. 


Not Released on DVD:


Unfortunately, like many series, this one hasn't been released on DVD till now and probably never will.


The Chronicle News From The Edge - Intro / Opening

The Chronicle - Episode Guide

Season 1 [Complete Series]


1.01 Pilot
1.02 What Gobbles Beneath
1.03 Here There Be Dragons
1.04 Baby Got Back
1.05 He's Dead, She's Dead
1.06 Bermuda Love Triangle
1.07 Only the Young Die Good
1.08 Bring Me the Head of Tucker Burns
1.09 Let Sleeping Dogs Fry
1.10 Take Me Back
1.11 Touched by an Alien
1.12 Pig Boy's Big Adventure
1.13 The Cursed Sombrero
1.14 Tears of a Clone
1.15 I See Dead Fat People
1.16 Man and Superman
1.17 Hot from the Oven
1.18 The Stepford Cheerleaders
1.19 The Mists of Avalon Parkway
1.20 The King is Undead
1.21 Hell Mall
1.22 A Snitch in Time


The Chronicle

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