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August 27, 2011

The Event [Blu-ray]


Release date [UK] October 3, 2011


The Event, Complete Series, will be released in de the UK on October 3rd along with the standard DVD release. It seems that only the UK gets a Blu Ray release of this show, in the US it has not been announced yet. Price is 37,49 pounds, is about 40+ euros and about $62.


The Event was cancelled back in May after the first season of 22 episodes with a cliff-hanger. For some time there was talk about some form of closure via a movie or a miniseries but a chance of that happening is almost zero now. Subtitles : English and Dutch


* Update - Box has English & Dutch Subs

June 02, 2011

Syfy Might Save The Event?

JThe Event Season 1
The Event Season 1

... Producers always say their shows are never completely gone after they've been canceled. "We're talking to other networks," "We're making a movie that will serve as a series finale," "A kindergarten class in Topeka is taking over production of the show." Usually it's all hooey, but in the case of producer Steve Stark and his show The Event, it might not be. Syfy is in talks to revive the program as a miniseries, according to reports. Everything is just talk for the moment, while Syfy and NBC figure out whether the plan makes financial sense. But there are a lot of questions ahead if the idea moves forward: How many actors will they be able to get back? How can Syfy afford the show's budget? Will Sarah Roemer be able to find her way to the new set without a chaperone? 


Now, a message from SyFy’s Twitter account seems to shoot down that possibility. The tweet from a senior executive at the cable channel reads, “To answer some questions I’ve been getting, at this time we have no plans to pick up The Event.”



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May 13, 2011

The Event also cancelled. No Season 2!

The Event
The Event

Word came down today that NBC was cancelling The Event after one season. The serial drama drew positive numbers at the beginning but they have been in decline for much of the season.

The show may not be dead just yet though. Deadline reports that there are talks underway to continue the series elsewhere.Executive producer Steve Stark declined to comment but word is that Netflix may be interested in picking up the show. Netflix had no comment. There’s also supposedly been interest from cable and digital outlets.


Stark noted that they are investigating different options with the full support of Universal Media Studios, the show’s producer. He said, “NBC has been an amazing partner, it launched the show beautifully.” Series creator Nick Wauters added, “We have a dedicated fan base, and we promised them we will deliver one way or another and will continue to tell our stories.”

Actor Ian Anthony Dale, Simon Lee on The Event, tweeted, “To our amazing fans, our time on NBC may be over, but we are working hard to find a new home that shares our collective enthusiasm.”


What do you think? Should The Event be saved? Where would be the best new home for the series? Would you pay to watch it? 

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