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The 100 or The Hundred is an American post-apocalyptic drama television series that is airing on The CW during the 2013–14 American television season. The series is based on a book of the same name, the first in a series by Kass Morgan, and developed by Jason Rothenberg. It premiered on March 19, 2014, following Arrow.


On May 8, 2014, The CW renewed The 100 for a second season




The series is set 97 years after a devastating nuclear war that wiped out all life on Earth. The only survivors were supposed to be the residents of twelve space stations in Earth orbit prior to the war, and a handful of "grounders" who managed to escape to the space stations. These space stations banded together to form a single massive station named "The Ark", where about 2,400 people live.


Resources are scarce and all crimes no matter their nature or severity are punishable by death ("floating") unless the perpetrator is under 18 years of age. After the Ark's life support systems are found to be critically failing, one hundred imprisoned convicts are declared "expendable" and sent to the surface in a last ditch attempt to determine if Earth is habitable again.




The series premiere was watched by an estimated 2.7 million American viewers, and received an 18-49 rating of 0.9. It is considered the most-watched show in its time-slot on The CW since 2010 with the series Life Unexpected.[9]


Allison Keene of The Hollywood Reporter gave a negative review to the show, and writes "The sci-fi drama presents The CW's ultimate vision for humanity: an Earth populated only by attractive teenagers, whose parents are left out in space." Kelly West of Cinema Blend gave it a more positive review while noting, "CW's Thrilling New Sci-fi Drama Is A Keeper. CW's The 100 seeks to explore that concept and more with a series that's about equal parts young adult drama, sci-fi adventure and thriller. It takes a little while for the series to warm up, but when The 100 begins to hit its stride, a unique and compelling drama begins to emerge."


IGN also gave the show a more positive review. The article, written by Eric Goldman, gave the episode an '8.0 out of 10' score. In his verdict, Goldman said that: 'I’ve seen the first four episodes of The 100 and there’s a lot to like here, with things getting impressively dark and edgy in the episodes to come. CW shows like Arrow and The Vampire Diaries began weakly (especially TVD, which started outright bad), before evolving into really fun, involving series, and this show is starting out on a much better note. As the CW pushes further into genre material, The 100 has one of the better pilots so far for the network and offers some intriguing elements that hopefully will get properly expanded over its 13-episode season, for those seeking a new sci-fi fix on TV.' 

On January 11, 2015, the CW renewed The 100 for it's third season which will air next fall 2015 or in midseason 2015/2016.

The 100

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