The Invisible Man [2000] - DVD Release Region 1 & 2

Invisible Man on DVD
German Release of part 2 from season 1 & parts 1 & 2 of season 1 of the UK Release


The Invisible Man, also known as I-Man, great, fun Tv show which ran 2 seasons on Sci-Fi Channel [now SyFy] in 2000-2002. You will be able to find a DVD release of it's first season, although, you have to put in some effort. Season 2 has never been released till now! Few years back I wrote a mail to the distributor of season 1 and asked if the second seasons also would be released. Been a long time but it had to do with the fact that distribution rights belong to another company for season 2, what meant that they were not going to release the second season. 


In the USA the first season was released on DVD in 2009 for the first time! No word yet if there ever is going to be a release for season 2. The release of the first season has English subtitles but is also a region 1 release. At the moment it's at a bargain price for sale on


In the UK & Germany the first season has been released in two parts [episodes 1-11 & 12-24]. There does not seem to be any subtitles on it. The German release is still available as new and not very expensive. German release does also have an English soundtrack. UK and the German release are region 2.


I-Man has also been released in the Benelux, don't know if it's still available somewhere as a new series, but here a full season has been released also, like in the US. Unfortunately only Dutch subs. This is a region 2 DVD set.

The Invisible Man DVD release
Dutch & the US DVD release

December 17, 2011

Shows from the Past : 2000-2002





The plot revolves around Darien Fawkes (Ventresca), a thief facing life imprisonment who was recruited by a low-rent spy organization and given the power of invisibility via implantation of a special "Quicksilver gland" in his head. The gland allows Fawkes to secrete a light-bending substance called "Quicksilver" from his pores and follicles. The substance quickly coats his skin, hair, nails and clothes and renders him invisible.


Ran only for 2 seasons on Sci-Fy channel, show was expensive to produce, despite good ratings the show was cancelled mainly because the high costs. SF combined with a lot of humor and action. Total of 45 episodes, highly recommended!


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