The Lone Gunmen DVD Release - Region 1, 2 & 4

October 28, 2012



The Lone Gunmen - Complete Series - This fun little show debuted in September 2001, it only lasted 13 episodes, in part perhaps because of the pilot which is similar to what happened to the Twin Towers. If you always liked them in The X-files, you will certainly love them in their own show! There is a 14th episode on this release which was aired in The X-Files 9th season's "Jump the Shark" in which The Lone Gunmen go out with a bang. 


This release is, as far as I am aware of, only been released in 4 countries: North America [US & Canada], France and Australia. All 3 releases do have English subs on it. The US and the France release are at a bargain price at the moment at and The Australian release is also available on but the price is a bit high. Region 4 DVD's are compatible with Region 2 DVD players. I only can recommend this fun series!

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