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April 14, 2014


The Pretender is Back! In Novels!


The Pretender is one of my all time favourite TV Series, it ran between 1996 and 2000, four seasons and after that two movies were created. A third was being planned but unfortunately it never was made. Now twelve years later, it was October 2013, The Pretender was reborn!


The creators of the TV Series Steven Long Mitchell and Craig W van Sickle loved the series themselves and never made it a secret they want to get back to that great Pretender Universe. In October 2013 the first novel has been released called "The Pretender Rebirth". Unfortunately I haven't read the book myself, but I did already purchase it and planning on reading it real soon, but so far mostly positive reviews.


The novel does not go further were the last movie stopped, in part, the story of The Pretender will be retold. Of course, in the following books there will come a point were the story will go beyond the TV Series itself. One of the reasons of course is to introduce new fans to the Pretender universe, so not only current but also new fans can enjoy these fantastic stories.


The Pretender Lives refers to the rebirth of the Pretender in novels and this is also the name of the website. It's not just a website:

Saving Luke

"The Pretender Lives is not just a website. It is not just the celebration of a TV series.

Because the Pretender was never just a show. It was a shared experience where millions of people around the world, faithfully drawn together in front of television sets, felt unique characters like Jarod and Miss Parker touch their hearts.


This website is intended as a Rebirth of that experience but one that makes the connection communal. Not only is it intended to be a global gathering place for all things Pretender, past, present, and especially in the future, but also as the home base for the Rebirth of the Pretender and all things that will extend from that Rebirth in many, many forms. It is a space for old fans and new.


The thinkers, creators, innovators and the curious who love to unravel a tale and enjoy the odd and unexpected, those who know life is a gift and want to share that in community with one another.


If you are intrigued by this you are one of them, one of us, and we are excited to be a part of this global experience with you. Welcome to The Pretender Lives."


The second novel is almost upon us, right now there is a virtual book tour to promote The Pretender Lives "movement" and the new novel "Saving Luke", it probably will be released at the end of this month of somewhere in May, the story will continue. There already is a first review on The Pretender Lives website of "Saving Luke", the review unfortunately is not very informative about the story itself but ths first reviewer is very enthusiastic about the second Pretender novel. I sincerely hope after reading this you got a positive vibe about the rebirth of The Pretender. Check out their website and re-enter The Pretender Universe! Of course after reading Rebirth I will write my own review here on this website.

My thoughts about the first novel: The Pretender: Rebirth


Just finished Pretender Rebirth, finished it in 7 days, which is fast for me. I really enjoyed myself, okay, it's not the same as watching it on the tele but Steven Long Mitchell and Craig W van Sickle wrote the book like you are watching an episode of The Pretender, when you read you actually hear the characters, especally Jarod and also Miss Parker. No one other than these two could have written this. It really amazes me how Parkers' one-lines are so right on the spot, perfect.


There were some few things I wasn't fond of, some minor issues like the "Wham", "Bam" etc "sounds" and perhaps also the thoughts of the roommate rat took a bit too long and too graphic perhaps but all and all very well done, can't wait for the second book. Because of the book I got the jitters and also started watching The Pilot again last week, some lines were exactly the same in the book, which I thought was funny. I understand why people rather would have wanted it to continue where the last movie left of but I also understand the writers, they want to also gain new fans and they can only realize that by starting fresh.


Final verdict: 4.5/5 stars

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