The Starlost : The Complete Series - region 1 DVD Release


The Starlost - The Complete Series - Until recently I was not even aware this series even existed, and even now I only know the existence of it, nothing more. TV show has been produced in 1974, had a lot of production issues and was also already cancelled after one short season. Keir Dullea, known from 2001 : A Space Odyssey, also stars in this show. Walter Koening [Star Trek, Babylon 5] is a gueststar on one of the episodes.


Release contains all 16 episodes on 4 discs, digital remastered but be aware it's a region code 1 release. You will need a region free DVD player to play these discs. Not really sure if there are any subtitles on it, but I do not think so. If there is anyone who does know, please tell so i can update this info. Starlost - The Complete Series


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