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June 6, 2015

X-Files Revival on Fox: Are We Getting a Sequel to the Season 4 Classic 'Home'?

I have to say, I'd rather have the alien conspiracy thread being continued over 6 episodes but I soon learned that Chris Carter was going to do some stand alone episodes also. In that light, I think this is a great choice, if this really it a sequel to that season 4 episode "Home". That episode really creeped me out! Don't really buy the reasoning which the writer, of the story below, tries to persuade us with, but it would be cool!

Story TVLine:

They say you can’t go “Home” again. Well, they clearly have never met Mulder and Scully. There are early indications that the second episode of Fox’s limited-series X-Files revival may be a sequel of sorts to the seminal, celebrated Season 4 outing “Home,” TVLine has learned exclusively.

For starters, Episode 2 of the six-episode continuation is titled “Home Again.” What’s more, the writer-director of the episode is Glen Morgan, who just so happened to pen the the original “Home” with fellow X scribe James Wong. Still not convinced the two outings are somehow connected?

Well, both installments are the second episodes of their respective seasons, and the Jan. 25, 2016 air date for “Home Again” comes almost 20 years to the day after the Oct. 11, 1996 broadcast of “Home.”

Wait, there’s more!

Remember the freakish Peacock clan at the center of “Home”? Well, “Home Again” may out-Monster of the Week those inbred savages via “Band-Aid Nose Man.” Described as intimidating, odd, weary, creepy and immeasurably strong, Mr. Man is a powerful, violent and frightening “thought” come to life.

X-Files Revival: Cigarette-Smoking Man, Walter Skinner Set to Return

April 1, 2015


X-Files Revival: Cigarette-Smoking Man, Walter Skinner Set to Return


More good news from The X-Files front, more familiar faces return, even Cancer man who, I presumed, was dead but on TV anything is possible of course! See full post below and short interview clip with David Duchovny.

When David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson return to The X-Files as part of Fox’s six-episode revival, they won’t be coming alone. During an appearance on the Late Show With David Letterman on Tuesday, Duchovny was asked which original characters we can look forward to seeing again, at which point the beans were spilled:


There’s Gillian and I, we’re original. Mitch Pileggi will come back, and the cigarette-smoking man — if that means anything to anyone — will be coming back.


William B. Davis’ “cigarette-smoking man,” as you may recall, was Mulder’s arch nemesis, revealed in the show’s sixth season to be named C.G.B. Spender. Pileggi, meanwhile, played FBI Assistant Director Walter Skinner, who was included in TVLine’s gallery of 16 things we need to see in The X-Files reboot.

Source: TVLine

March 24, 2015


X-Files Revival Officially Ordered at Fox, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson Back for 6 New Episodes


Well it's official! Yesterday I reported here that they were very close to a deal, about 24 hours later it's a done deal. Would have hoped for a little more episodes but six episodes is better than nothing! Probably because both actors have busy schedules besides the return of The X-Files! This is great news! see full story below:


The truth is  right here: The X-Files is indeed returning to Fox, with original stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson reprising their respective roles as Fox Mulder and Dana Scully.


Fox has officially ordered a six-episode continuation of its phenomenally successful supernatural drama, to shoot this summer and (presumably) air at some point next season. (An official airdate remains TBD.)

“I think of it as a 13-year commercial break,” said X-Files creator Chris Carter, who will oversee the new episodes. “The good news is the world has only gotten that much stranger, a perfect time to tell these six stories.”

The X-Files ended its nine-season run on Fox in May 2002, but the franchise was resurrected on the big screen in 2008’s The X-Files: I Want to Believe, a follow-up to 1998’s The X-Files: Fight the Future. When last we saw Mulder and Scully in Believe, they were grudgingly helping the FBI find some missing women/bust up a bizarre, Frankenstein-like operation in Virginia. Also important to know: The bureau had pardoned Mulder for going on the lam (at the end of the series’ run), Scully had returned to her medical career, and the partners were still romantically entangled and living together.

Duchovny will next be seen in NBC’s Charles Manson-themed drama Aquarius, while Anderson has Season 3 of Hannibal on deck. Coincidentally, the two shows will air back-to-back on Thursdays this summer. News of the X-humation comes roughly a year after Fox jump-started another one of its marquee franchises, 24, with a limited-series order. Although Live Another Day didn’t make much noise in the ratings, it was well-received by critics and fans alike.

“We had the privilege of working with Chris on all nine seasons of The X-Files — one of the most rewarding creative experiences of our careers — and we couldn’t be more excited to explore that incredible world with him again,” said Fox chairmen Gary Newman and Dana Walden in a statement. “The X-Files was not only a seminal show for both the studio and the network, it was a worldwide phenomenon that shaped pop culture — yet remained a true gem for the legions of fans who embraced it from the beginning. Few shows on television have drawn such dedicated fans, and we’re ecstatic to give them the next thrilling chapter of Mulder and Scully they’ve been waiting for.”


Source: TVLine

March 23, 2015



X-Files revival reportedly close, and here's how many episodes we might get


The truth is out there, and may be coming to us sooner rather than later, as an official series revival of The X-Files looks imminent.

According to sources for UK site TVWise, Fox is coming closer than ever to giving the much-anticipated green light to a revival of the iconic sci-fi series, which ran from 1993 to 2002 and spawned two movies, as well as two short-lived series (Millenium and The Lone Gunmen). If the revival does go ahead, it will be a “short-stack” order, meaning it'll be less than 10 episodes (The Daily Mail claims it’ll be six, but take this with a grain of salt). The site stresses that discussions with Fox are still ongoing, but if The X-Files gets picked up, it'll be a bit like Fox's other hit TV franchise 24, which came back as a 12-episode limited-run series, 24: Live Another Day, just last year.

The X-Files revival series is meant to close some lingering storylines that were left behind when the series ended after nine seasons in 2002, and were also left unresolved -- aka the truth wasn't out there -- in the second X-Files flick, I Want to Believe. So why does Fox want to settle for a short season order? Well, the first reason is story requirements, and the second is scheduling.

Both Gillian Anderson (who is starring in The Fall) and David Duchovny (whose new NBC drama series Aquarius will air this summer) are busy bees, and they need to schedule a block of time when they will be available to film the new X-Files series. Both actors have long said they wanted to return to their iconic roles of FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, and sources reveal they have indeed agreed to come back. Looks like an offer has also gone out to Mitch Pileggi and some other key cast members.


Just who will those key cast members be? It's unclear as of now, but it'll be fun to speculate if you guys want to go ahead and chime in in the comments below. TVWise also reports that Chris Carter will, of course, return at the helm and pen the new scripts, as well as executive-produce. If a deal can be reached soon, filming could start as early as this summer.

Apparently Fox may be looking to make a “big announcement” ahead of its upfront presentation in NYC in May. We don't know about you, but we've wanted some new X-Files for a while now, so can we all cross our fingers that it’ll finally happen? Yeah, we want to believe, but remember, trust no one.


This is great news to me, especially because they want to close lingering storylines, this for me, would be better than a third movie. I rather have a 12 episode season. Bring it on!


Source: Blastr &

January 17, 2015

Fox Confirms ‘X-Files’ Reboot Talks, David Duchovny & Gillian Anderson To Return

Following the success of Fox’s 24 limited series, the network is looking to bring back another iconic drama series, The X-Files. Fox TV Group chairman Gary Newman today confirmed chatter that the network is in talks for a new installment of Chris Carter’s cult supernatural drama, which starred David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson. Newman went on to say he was “hopeful” about the outcome.

Later, fellow Fox TV Group chairman Dana Walden said that the conversations so far have been only logistical, looking at windows when the key X-Files players, creator Carter and stars Duchovny and Anderson, are available. She confirmed that a potential X-Files followup will star the original leading duo of Duchovny and Anderson. There have been no creative discussions yet about what that new series might be.

Carter hinted at a possible reboot in the summer, acknowledging he had had conversations with Fox and 20th Century Fox TV, the studio behind X-Files. The series already spawned a movie franchise, and there also has been a fan campaign to extend that franchise with another movie.

As for 24, nothing new to report but Newman noted that he and fellow Fox TV Group chairman Dana Walden are in continuous conversations with the creative auspices behind the 24 franchise. “We’d love nothing more than to do another 24,” Newman said. After the session, Walden disclosed that Fox is currently considering a new 24 installment that may not feature the franchise’s signature Jack Bauer character.

Despite speculation, there is nothing going on with Prison Break, though Newman said they would “bring Prison Break back in a heartbeat.” The prison escape drama lends itself nicely to a limited series format and has been a very important property for producer 20th TV — which also is behind X-Files and 24 — doing extremely well on Netflix as well as internationally.

Source: Deadline

January 22, 2014


The 3rd X-Files movie is still possible but Gillian Anderson suggests probably not before 2016!


It might be me, but it does seem really quite likely that we'll get a third big screen X-Files adventure at some point in the future. David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson and Chris Carter remain keen, and the films are relatively cheap to make too. Furthermore, there's persistent fan interest and demand.


However, in a new interview with IGN, Gillian Anderson cautions that any new film now isn't likely until 2016. That makes it far less likely, in turn, that the alien colonisation storyline set up by the TV show would be followed. The colonisation was said to take place in 2012 in the show, but that'll be long gone by the time we meet Mulder and Scully on screen again.


So why the wait until at least 2016? Well, Anderson said that she was sure a new film was "being thought out", but added that "looking at my schedule, it's probably unlikely to happen before 2016, but that's the way things go".


Anderson is currently at work on NBC's Crisis In Chicago, which premieres in the States in March.


Really hoping for a third X-Files movie but the longer it takes the more it becomes less likely I fear!


Source: DenOfGeek

Happy 20th Anniversary X-Files

September 11, 2013


Happy 20th Anniversary X-Files


It has really been twenty years yesterday since The X-Files started. The year 1993 was an important sci-fi year, The X-Files began, Babylon 5 started it's first season and also my favorite Trek DS9 was launched. The X-files was a mix of sci-fi, supernatural, mystery, horror, it had it all, all kinds of different stories. My favorites were of course of the alien mythology stories, that's what's kept me watching all these years. But of course there are many other great episodes which had nothing to do with the alien mythlogy like "Tooms", "Home", "Bad Blood", "Small Patatoes" and I can go on a while with this list.


Even though the last seasons weren't as good as the earlier seasons, although I really love season 8, quite strong, The X-Files is still alive in peoples minds, people still would like a third movie, an alien mythology movie that is. Really hope this is going to be realized in the very near futute, the actors aren't getting any younger!


So take out a disc from your X-Files DVD set and watch one of your favorite episodes, let it come over you again, that feeling of watching great tv, which what it certainly was. Think about how small this series began and how popular it got within one or two years. The X-Files and a few other series were the reason the 90s was one of the best sci-fi decades ever!

July 3, 2013


Mulder Joins X-Files at Comic-Con


Truth story: Mulder is coming to Comic-Con. David Duchovny has officially joined The X-Files‘ 20th anniversary reunion panel at the annual San Diego-based fan weekend, SDCCBlog has confirmed.


The commemorative event — which takes place Thursday, July 18 — will also feature Gillian Anderson and series creator Chris Carter, as well as writer/producers David Amann, Vince Gilligan, Howard Gordon, Darin Morgan, Glen Morgan, John Shiban and Jim Wong.


Unbelievable it has been 20 years already! The X-Files was the front runner in sci-fi drama, 9 seasons and more than 200 episodes. We still hope for a third and final movie, it has to be soon before both Anderson and Duchovny are too old!


Source: TVLine

March 1, 2013


David Duchovny Says: The X-Files 3 Needs You!


Speaking on Jay Leno about the prospect of a third X-Files movie, former Special Agent Fox Mulder David Duchovny said, “We always want to. [creator] Chris Carter and [Dana Scully actor] Gillian Anderson and I, we’re always on board.”


He then added that if The X-Files‘ rabid fanbase want to see a sequel to 2008′s The X-Files: I Want To Believe, then they should bombard 20th Century Fox with requests. “You want to write Fox and get ‘em going…,” said Duchovny. “You could wheel me [out]. I’ll play Fox Mulder forever.”


Source: Scifinow

November 28, 2012


Frank Spotnitz Wouldn't be Surprised if The X-Files pulled A Star Trek!


The last movie might've been a dud, but former X-Files producer Frank Spotnitz knows the franchise is still one of the biggest around when it comes to name recognition. So what could that mean for the future?



In an interview with Den of Geek, Spotnitz said he would love to continue the story with the existing cast via a third film to bring the series to a close—though the commercial and critical failure of 2008's The X-Files: I Want to Believe might have killed those chances.

They don't have a script ready yet, but Spotnitz said he and series creator Chris Carter already know what a final film would focus on:


"I mean I've known for many years what I would like the movie to be and I've been talking to Chris Carter about it for many years, but there is no script ... It's the climax of the alien colonization story that began the series."


We all love Mulder and Scully, but considering it's been nearly 20 years since the series first debuted and the mythos has more than collapsed under its own weight, it'd be a tough sell to keep the series going. It's why Buffy The Vampire Slayer moved on to comics, and why Star Trek got a fresh faced reboot.


But that doesn't mean The X-Files is over.


Though he doesn't know of any current plans, Spotnitz said, when asked whether he thought X-Filescould return to TV the way Star Trek did, he would not be surprised if Fox decided to reboot the series at some point with some new hot, young agents and a fresh slate of alien invasions and monsters:


I wouldn't be surprised at all. I mean, I don't think I would have anything to do with it but you know, for better or for worse, these things are titles of big corporations , like Star Trek belongs to Paramount and The X-Files belongs to Twentieth Century Fox and it's a huge asset in their libraries so I can't imagine they would let it sit languishing forever.Anything could happen. I just hope that if they do it, they do it well, that's my only request."



The X-Files - I Want To Believe: 'Rumor Mill' Says to Expect the Classic TV Show on Blu-ray

November 20, 2012


The X-Files - I Want To Believe: 'Rumor Mill' Says to Expect the Classic TV Show on Blu-ray


Our friends over at The Digital Bits have recently redesigned their website, and with the re-launch they've also resurrected their "Rumor Mill" column as of a week ago.Their first post there is a doozy, too, asking "Is Fox bringing The X-Files to BD in 2013 as well?"

"A number of our industry sources are now telling us that Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment is planning (and in fact may already be gearing up to) release their classic TV series The X-Files on Blu-ray. As fans will already be aware, the first four seasons of the show were produced in 4x3 format, like many TV programs of its era. The series then went to a 16x9 widescreen format for the remainder of its run, as anamorphic widescreen displays were starting to become common. The entire show was still broadcast in standard definition - not actual high-definition - and the visual effects and post-production were finished in SD...Our sources say Fox has likely decided to "rebuild" the seasons in high-definition, in much the same way that CBS has done with Star Trek: The Original Series and Star Trek: The Next Generation. Provided all the original camera negative has been properly stored and archived, it'll presumably be an easier task as the show featured fewer and less elaborate visual effects."



August 10, 2012


The X-Files - Possible Talks about a Third Movie


Collider: When I spoke to Frank Spotnitz about a week ago, he said that he feels it’s a cultural crime that you guys haven’t gotten to finish The X-Files story, and that he doesn’t think it’s too late to do, but that it will be, if it’s not done soon. How do you feel about it, at this point? Have you closed the book on The X-Files, or would you like to continue it with a third film?


DAVID DUCHOVNY: Do you know something I don’t know? Am I dying? No. That book doesn’t close until somebody dies, really. One of the greatnesses of the show was its open-endedness. It was about possibility. It wasn’t about closure. It just couldn’t be. There is no such thing as that story ever ending. Those characters are forever searching. That’s what they do. Even if we’re not watching them, they’re out there, in some dimension. Mulder and Scully are still doing their thing ‘cause that’s their nature.


I would love to do another film, or more. I think we’re all game for it. I know I’m kind of perplexed that Fox isn’t more [enthusiastic]. Here’s a homegrown property that you don’t have to go buy, like fuckin’ Green Lantern or something, to make it. Here you’ve got an actual action franchise that’s your own. It’s weird to me, but I’m not an executive. I don’t know if they made the Green Lantern either, but I’m just using that as an example of, “Why make that film? Why not make a homegrown franchise that is excellent, and that has proven to be excellent and interesting?” I don’t get it, but that’s not my business.


I think Chris [Carter] is probably working on an idea, so we’ll see. Unfortunately, with the last one, they didn’t spend the money to compete in a summer fashion, and they brought it out in the summer. It should be a summer film. It should be an action film. But, the last one we made was not. The last one we made was a dark, contemplative, small $25 million film. It was basically an independent film. When you come out against Batman, it’s not going to happen. You’re not going to be sold as an independent film, and you’re not going to compete against Batman with $25 million.


Source :

April 7, 2012

X-Files producer reveals what a potential sequel would be about

X-Files producer reveals what a potential sequel would be about
The X-Files - We all want a third and final movie


Former X-Files writer Frank Spotnitz feels your pain—and if you give him the chance, he promises that a third and final film in the franchise would rock. Seriously.In an interview with ScreenDaily, Spotnitz said that if another X-Files movie is greenlit, it will return to the 1990s Fox series' bread and butter: alien conspiracies.


"It feels wrong not to give it an ending around the alien colonization of Earth," he said. "David [Duchovny] and Gillian [Anderson] feel the same. I have a clear idea of how it would go, and I've been talking to [X-Files creator] Chris Carter about it for a long time."


The alien-invasion storyline was one of the best things about the original series, though the latest feature film—2008's lackluster I Want to Believe—focused on a standalone story not associated with the conspiracy.

Spotnitz said he would love to wrap the franchise up right, bringing the alien thread to a close, and will keep making noise in hopes that someone at Fox will eventually give him the chance.


"There is a very active and relentless fan campaign for a last movie. I do feel like it would be a terrible shame if that didn't happen," he said. "I'll keep banging the drum whenever I meet the Fox guys."


What do you think? Would you like a final X-Files film to finally wrap up those dangling storylines?



Source :

April 6, 2012

The X-Files Movies : Fight The Future & I Want to Believe on Blu-Ray!

The German and the North-American Doublepack releases
The German and the North-American Doublepack releases

The X-Files, one of the longest running SF series in history, 9 seasons, during and after that 2 movies were created, the first, from 1998, "Fight the Future", also called "The Movie" and the second, from 2008, "I Want to Believe". The second one is not that well liked by the fans, mailnly because it's a thriller movie instead of diving in the the series mythologie.


The second movie has been released on Blu-Ray all over the world but "Fight the Future" has only been released in a limited of countries. Especially the seperately. In North America it's been released seperately but also as a doublepack with the second movie. Unfortunately this release is region A only so it cannot be played in region B & C countries.


"Fight the Future" has not been released in The Netherlands but it has in the surrounding countries. In France and Italy for example, the can purchase it seperately but also in a double pack with the second movie. In both cases with English soundtrack, English and other subtitles.


In Germany "Fight the Future" hasn't been release seperately but only as a double pack with "I Want to Believe". Subtitles for "Fight the Future" on the German release : Dutch, French, German, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, English. Subtitles "I Want to Believe" : German, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, Russian, English. Both movies in the German double pack have 2 versions, the theatrical and the director's cut versions.


These releases are for sale on - - &

North American Release Fight the Future, UK Release I Want to Believe
North American Release Fight the Future, UK Release I Want to Believe
Italian release Fight the Future and French Double pack
Italian release Fight the Future and French Double pack

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    sfseriesenfilms (Sunday, 15 April 2012 19:24)

    Today I watched the first X-Files movie again, Fight the Future, on Blu-Ray. Enjoyed it very much. Makes wanna watch the series all over again!

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