Timecop is an American science fiction television series. The show was broadcast on the ABC network and first aired in 1997. The series is based on the Timecop movie and the "Time Cop" feature which had appeared in the comic book series Dark Horse Comics.


Set in 2007, Timecop follows the adventures of Jack Logan, the best agent of the Time Enforcement Commission. Based in Washington, D.C., the TEC was formed to hunt down time criminals who try to change the past. Logan's colleagues include TEC Captain Gene Matuzek, historian Dale Easter, and science/tech advisior Claire Hemmings, who in time becomes a TEC field agent accompanying him on missions into the past. The show was based on the 1994 feature film of the same name, which starred Jean-Claude Van Damme.


Till now Timecop has never been released on DVD, it only ran for one season containing 9 episodes. Ted King, lead in Timecop, later also played in the tv show Charmed.




Ted King - Officer Jack Logan

Cristi Conaway - Officer Claire Hemmings

Don Sark - Eugene Matuzek

Kurt Fuller - Dale Easter


Timecop - Opening Titles

Timecop - Episode Guide


Season 1 [Complete Series]


1.01  A Rip in Time

1.02  The Heist

1.03  Stalker

1.04  Public Enemy

1.05  Rocket Science

1.06  Alternate World

1.07  Lost Voyage

1.08  D.O.A.

1.09  The Future, Jack, the Future

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    sfseriesenfilms (Monday, 09 April 2012 12:12)

    Forgot all about this tv show. I was triggered when I read about the movie Timecop here on the site [movie section].
    I remember I liked this show, watched all 9 episodes, never seen them again.

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