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Capt. Jack returns? John Barrowman hasn't given up on Torchwood revival

April 23, 2014


Capt. Jack returns? John Barrowman hasn't given up on Torchwood revival


It’s been three years since the uneven Torchwood: Miracle Day ended its run, and fans are still waiting to hear if we’ll get another season of the Doctor Who spinoff.


Nerd Bastards recently asked Capt. Jack Harkness himself, John Barrowman, about the chances of another revival. Barrowman seemed game to return to the role that made him a sci-fi legend — he’s just waiting on the BBC to pull the trigger.


Barrowman said he believes there are still more than enough stories left to tell for Capt. Jack, even if it jumps ahead in time to answer questions left open from his stint on Doctor Who. Check out an excerpt from his comments below:


“I have no idea. I mean, that’s not my decision, that’s a decision for the BBC. The thing is, I go around with Eve and people to these conventions and we see the humongous following that we have and also the hunger that there is for Torchwood. If I’m asked to play Captain Jack Harkness again, I would do it at the drop of a hat. And also, the Arrow producers have said that if I’m asked to do something like that, they would let me. They would see that I was able to do it. I think there’s a lot more to tell, there’s a lot more out there. There are those missing years that Jack talked about, there’s how he becomes ‘The Face of Boe’, there’s all sorts of things. But it’s not up to me, it’s up to Russell, Julie Gardner, and the BBC.”


It’s been a treat to have Barrowman bouncing around the Arrow-verse as of late, but we’d love to see another run of Torchwood episodes. You’d have to wonder what effect the creative changeover might have, since Torchwood was always Russell T Davies’ baby, but why not bring him back to work with Who showrunner Steven Moffat on a limited Torchwood run to package with an upcoming season of Doctor Who? How could that not be awesome?


What do you think? Is Torchwood really over, or does it have one more resurrection left? I for one would welcome it!


Source: Blastr


October 29, 2012


Disturbing news dashes hopes of seeing more Torchwood anytime soon!


Have you been wondering why there hasn't been a new season of Torchwood announced yet? Do you believe the Doctor Who spinoff has been canceled? Well, here's what's really going on! In an interview on the BBC's The Graham Norton Show, former Doctor Who showrunner and creator of Torchwood Russell T Davies has revealed the fate of Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman) and company, saying that the sci-fi series hasn't been canceled but that ''it's in a nice limbo'':


"I loved making it [in the States], and I would have carried on if circumstances hadn't brought me back to this country, so it's kind of in limbo for me at the moment.


"I'm not working on it at the moment. I'm only working on Wizards vs Aliens — when I get back to work one day, I don't know, it'll be old news to the BBC then! It's not officially cancelled... It's in a nice limbo where it can stew for a while — those shows can come back in ten, twenty years time." The last season of Torchwood, called Miracle Day, aired last summer on Starz and the BBC since it was co-produced by both networks.



John Borrowman

August 16, 2012

Arrow Hits Bullseye, Nabs John Barrowman


The CW’s Arrow has made an impressive addition to its quiver. Torchwood star John Barrowman is joining the cast of The CW’s new superhero drama in a recurring role, TVLine has confirmed. According to, which first broke the news, Barrowman will play a character known as “Well Dressed Man,” a wealthy acquaintance of the Queen family and a prominent figure in Starling City. Arrow premieres Wednesday, Oct. 10, at 8/7c, leading into Supernatural.


What does this mean for Torchwood, will there ever be a fifth season? Moffat already said he does not want to make a new season because "Torchwood" is not his!




Torchwood - Miracle Day [Blu-ray][Region Free]


Release date [US] April 3, 2012

Release date [UK] November 14, 2011


4th season has just began in de US but already you can pre-order the 4th season of Torchwood in the UK! Release is due on November 14th of this year and according to it's a region free release! In North America it's been released on April 3rd 2012.


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Comments: 2
  • #1

    superstrutsen (Sunday, 10 November 2013 06:45)

    I miss Torchwood so much :(
    it's one of my favorite show of all time.

  • #2

    SF Series And Movies (Sunday, 10 November 2013 10:10)

    Hi superstrutsen, great to see you again! :-)

    I too love Torchwood, in fact, re-watched the fourth season in the last few weeks. I don't understand why they are all complaining, I love the fourth season also. Still hoping we get a fifth somewhere in the (near) future!

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