Total Recall 2070
Total Recall 2070


Total Recall 2070 is a short-lived science fiction television series first broadcast in 1999 on the Canadian television channel CHCH-TV and later the same year on theAmerican Showtime channel. It was later syndicated in the United States with some editing to remove scenes of nudity, violence and (in most cases) strong language.


The series was inspired by the film Total Recall, based on Philip K. Dick's short story "We Can Remember It for You Wholesale", and by Dick's novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, with a visual style heavily influenced by the film Blade Runner, itself very loosely based on the aforementioned novel. The series shares no major plot points with any of these works.

The series was filmed in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It was a Canadian/German co-production. Only one season, consisting of 22 episodes, was produced.




Total Recall 2070 takes place in a dark, crowded, industrial and cosmopolitan setting. The government mostly runs at the behest of a small number of extremely powerful companies called "the Consortium" (including computer memory and virtual-reality vacation provider Rekall and android manufacturer Uber Braun). David Hume is a senior detective for the Citizens Protection Bureau (CPB), a police agency.


After his first partner is killed by self-aware androids, he is partnered against his wishes with Ian Farve, an earnest and upright officer new to the department. Hume and the CPB often have conflicts with the Assessor's Office (the investigative agency that has sole jurisdiction over crimes related to the Consortium) and with the private security forces of Consortium companies.


The main story arcs of the series concern the agendas of the Consortium, Farve, Hume's wife Olivia, and the mysterious manufacturer of Alpha Class androids (including Farve himself). Significant plot elements remain unresolved due to the cancellation of the series, a crucial story arc from the series was the suggestion that the memory expansion used on self-aware androids was part non-human DNA and that a material found by a remote base on Mars could create a hybrid of human and android DNA.



Total Recall 2070
Total Recall
Total Recall 2070

Season 1 Episodes [Complete Series]


1.01 Machine Dreams (1)

1.02 Machine Dreams (2)

1.03 Nothing Like the Real Thing

1.04 Self-Inflicted

1.05 Allure

1.06 Infiltration

1.07 Rough Whimper of Insanity

1.08 First Wave

1.09 Baby Lottery

1.10 Brain Fever (1)

1.11 Begotten Not Made (2)

1.12 Brightness Falls

1.13 Burning Desire

1.14 Astral Projections

1.15 Paranoid

1.16 Restitution

1.17 Bones Beneath My Skin

1.18 Assessment

1.19 Eye Witness

1.20 Personal Effects

1.21 Virtual Justice

1.22 Meet My Maker

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Total Recall 2070 Banner

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