Tracker is a 2001 Canadian science fiction television series starring Adrian Paul and Amy Price-Francis. The series is based on a short story by Gil Grant andJeannine Renshaw. The pilot episode and two other episodes were edited into the film Alien Tracker


Tracker is the story of Daggon, an alien life form who lands on Earth from the planet Cirron in a bid to capture 218 prisoners who had escaped from the planet SAR TOP in the Migar Solar System in the form of "life forces" then took over various human identities. He lands in an abandoned field in the outskirts of Chicago where he takes on the form of an underwear model and takes the name "Cole" from the underwear ad he sees on a billboard.


He later meets Mel Porter, a Chicago bar owner who has an outgoing British bartender that she inherited along with her grandmother's police bar. Though she is suspicious at first, she gradually comes to accept Cole and lets him stay, offering him some of her ex-boyfriend's clothes. He has a device to capture the life forces and contain them in spheres, and once his mission is over, he has to take them back to SAR TOP.


A brilliant scientist named ZIN engineers the jailbreak from SAR-TOP prison, located a hundred light years away from Earth. Zin creates a wormhole, which allows almost instantaneous travel from the Migar solar system to ours. The wormhole ends in Chicago, where Zin and the escapees have taken over the bodies of human beings and blended into society, but still retain some of their alien otherworldly abilities. 


With an army of escaped alien convicts, Zin creates a criminal empire, not unlike the mafia, which he can rule over as Godfather supreme. However as Cole will discover, Zin may have a larger agenda in mind than running illegal enterprises for profit, an agenda that might carry interplanetary implications. So, Cole must find the fugitives and stop them before they can carry out their plans. To do so, he will need Mel's help and constant guidance.

Season 1 Tracker
Season 1

Season 1 Episodes [Complete Series]


1.01 Pilot

1.02 Cloud Nine

1.03 Roswell (aka Area 51)

1.04 Trust

1.05 The Plague

1.06 The Beast

1.07 Without a Trace

1.08 Children of the Night

1.09 Breach

1.10 Double Down

1.11 Native Son

1.12 To Catch a Desserian

1.13 The Miracle

1.14 Love, Cirronian Style

1.15 Eye of the Storm

1.16 Dark Road Home

1.17 A Made Guy

1.18 Fever of the Hunt (1)

1.19 Fever of the Hunt (2)

1.20 Back Into the Breach

1.21 What Lies Beneath

1.22 Remember When

Tracker Banner
Tracker Banner

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